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Yoga for Seniors

Preventing Falls

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Yoga tout 2 La prévention des chutes

You really can regain strength and energy to prevent falls!

30% of people 65 and over will have a fall during the year; this percentage rises to 50% in people 80 and over. A constant concern for seniors, preventing falls is the main theme of this book. The yoga poses suggested are designed to restore the body's tone and strength, so as to improve balance and avoid injuries. Carefully refined through hundreds of hours of practice, the poses are safe, suitable for most older people and show that you can stay in shape through yoga – and remain healthy and independent as long as possible!

Strong points
- The importance of the subject for seniors; falls are reported to be their biggest fear.
- An aging population committed to staying in shape and in good health as long as possible.

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27.95 $ CAD
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September 2016
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128 pages


Carole Morency

Carole Morency

Carole Morency holds a degree in translation from the Université de Montréal and occupied senior positions in communications before dedicating herself to her true passion: yoga. A yoga master, with a diploma in classical hatha yoga, she furthered her training and obtained certification in Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac and Cancer Certification training™, Silver Age Yoga, and Yoga for seniors. In 2008, she founded Yoga Tout – total yoga –, a business devoted to teaching yoga adapted for seniors. See full author information (French)

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