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Les vins du Nouveau Monde
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Wines of the New World

Volume 3: North America (Canada, The United States, Mexico)

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Les vins du Nouveau Monde Amérique du Nord - Canada, États-Unis, Mexique

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Foreword by Michael Mondavi

Who ever said that all good wines come from the old continent? After having tracked down the best wines of the southern hemisphere, the author is now setting out to conquer North America. From the Okanagan Valley to those of Napa and Calafi a, this enormous area with its varied climates is home to more than one well-guarded treasure. Ontario apricot-scented ice wine, oaky California chardonnay, Mexico's petite sirah with its full-bodied tannins...on every page, you will feel like you are pushing open the door to a new and fascinating wine cellar on the new world wine route. Here you will fi nd not just the best bottles, but also the faces, witnesses to a history and a tradition, that stand behind them.
The size and special features of the vineyard, its soil type and irrigation requirements, climatic and geographic data, wine production statistics, up-to-date trends, regulations and current practices, the varietals grown, the vinifi cation process and the conditions for the wines' elaboration, suggested vintages, the wines' alcohol levels, and the price of bottles, as well as tasting notes – it's all here. A pleasing mix of the tasting notes of a sommelier with encyclopaedic knowledge and the travel notes of a passionate traveller,
this lavishly illustrated book is the perfect tool for learning everything there is to know about wine-growing in a region too often ignored by other books on the subject.

* The author won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2010 for his book Entre les vignes, which was named best wine literature book in the world.

* The wines of North America are becoming more and more well known among quality wines on the international market. See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
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October 2012
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Food & Wine
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322 pages


Jacques Orhon

Jacques Orhon

Jacques Orhon is a master sommelier, a professor of sommellerie since 1981 and the founder of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers. As a lecturer, an expert wine taster and a globetrotter in the name of wine, for more than thirty years he has explored vineyards all over the world. He is a regular contributor to television programs and writes for many magazines, among them Terre des vins, where he writes the World Wines column. He has been honoured by the Gourmand Cook Book Awards as one of world's ten best authors of books on wine. See full author information (French)

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