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Vaincre les ennemis du sommeil
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Overcoming the enemies of sleep

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Vaincre les ennemis du sommeil

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A complete self-treatment program to give you back the sleep of your dreams!

This book describes and explains everything related to sleep and insomnia. It offers a detailed and comprehensive personal management program for once again getting a good night's sleep. The author discusses both the theoretical and the practical aspects: the cycles and phases of sleep, how much you need, age-related changes, strategies for modifying bad habits, ways of reducing stress, how to wean yourself off sleeping pills, and dealing with staggered or variable schedules, as well as a description of common sleep disorders in children, teenagers and the elderly. Through this approach, which relies more on understanding and psychology than on pharmacology, Charles M. Morin offers us the best guide toward a return to restorative sleep. This new edition outlines the latest discoveries about insomnia and sleep.

Strong points
  • A comprehensive book on sleep and insomnia.
  • A practical approach designed for everyone having a problem with insomnia.
  • Tests, questionnaires, steps to take—everything to help readers see if they are on the right track to get back their sleep.
  • A balanced, scientific and understandable approach.
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29.95 $ CAD
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March 2021
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296 pages


Charles M. Morin

Charles M. Morin

Charles M. Morin, a professor and researcher at Université Laval in Québec City, is a world-renowned sleep specialist. See full author information (French)

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