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Ultra-ordinaire Journal d'un coureur

In running, there are no rules and no referee. No team and no opponent. No schedule and no compulsory equipment. And no limits either.

For several years, Joan Roch has been running both ways to work every day. Ten kilometres morning and evening, every weekday, all year long. To avoid monotony, Joan can count on the Montreal climate with its blizzards, storms, ice and “slush”, whose beauty he captures with his telephone. Joan accumulates over 5000 km per year in hundreds of almost daily outings on which he runs from 5 to... 160 km. For besides his daily round trips, there are also ultramarathons. Joan shows us that it is possible to run 120 km in the middle of the night, without sleeping, while managing to survive... and even smile! But why run so much, when it is so painful? To try, from time to time, to find one's absolute personal limit. Assuming it exists...

Neither a training manual nor a novel, this book is a tale of real-life adventures. Through his reflections, stories and anecdotes, Joan Roch lets us experience a human adventure out of the ordinary and yet available to all.

Strong points
- This book is aimed at all runners, whatever their age, level or experience. Everyone will see themselves in the stories of an amateur runner juggling everyday constraints, successes, injuries, personal victories and withdrawals.
- These stories convey a universal message, expressing runners' values and doubts, joys, suffering and perseverance.
- The photos taken by Joan Roch present a never-before-seen view of some of Montreal's attractions: the Old Port, the Biosphere, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, etc.
- The author is an ambassador for Mountain Equipment Coop and for Merrell. See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
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March 2016
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256 pages


Joan Roch

Joan Roch

Joan Roch, a high-level ultramarathoner, is married, the father of three young children, and a computer programmer. A blogger, lecturer and coach, he became known to the general public through a short film, “Beastie Runs”, showing his daily round trips between home and workplace. His most recent feats include participating in the Mont Blanc Ultra-Trail (170 km) and his solo Quebec City-Montreal race (250 km). He is currently training to participate in La Diagonale des Fous (170 km) on Île de la Réunion. See full author information (French)

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