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My Serial Killers

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The Jack the Rippers of the world arouse both fascination and horror...What goes through the killer's mind at the moment he commits his crime? What makes him perform such horrible acts? And, above all, are serial killers born or made? To answer these questions, the author visited various American penitentiaries in person to meet with psychopaths. Alone with the unhandcuffed killer in a police interview room, under the watchful eye of security guards hidden behind a two-way mirror, she wrote down their secrets, each more disturbing than the others. Totally uncensored, the killers' shocking statements are juxtaposed in the book with accounts by psychiatrists, profilers and criminologists who are experts in the field and try to dissect the personalities of those who, on sight, hardly seem human. Through the magnifying glass of various theories, these monsters' actions and ways of thinking attest to their insanity or offer a glimpse of the profound unhappiness at the root of their lethal anti-social behaviour. The result is an unsettling book that takes us into the minds and hearts of men who have committed the worst atrocities. A powerful reaction guaranteed.

The book's strong points:
• exceptional access to the killers' secrets and some previously unpublished details
• a number of theories about the criminal tendencies and motives driving serial killers (advance signs, an extra chromosome, intelligence quotient, the Macdonald triad, motivations, typical victims, etc.)
• advice to parents on how to recognize signs that could indicate a child's predisposition to gratuitous violence

Table of contents
Preface (written by Dr. Eric Hickey)
1. The approach
2. Arthur Shawcross : my first serial killer
3. what defines a serial killer
4. Keith Jesperson: The Happy Face Killer
5. Gary Grant
6. Joel Rifkin: Joel The Ripper
7. Richard Cottingham: The Torso Killer
8. Cottingham's TV confession
9. Jack Trawick: executed in 2009
10. Patrick Kearney: The Freeway Killer
11. Safety advice with regard to this kind of predator

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24.95 $ CAD
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September 2011
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256 pages


Nadia Fezzani

Nadia Fezzani

Nadia Fezzani studied law and is a graduate in journalism and print media. She has worked in Canada and the United States in media relations and communications. An experienced interviewer and columnist in various fields, she has been interviewing serial killers for the past four years. She has published roughly fifteen articles on the subject and has also given several radio and television interviews. She is currently lecturing on psychology and criminology students. See full author information (French)

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