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Te laisse pas faire!
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It's Your Body!

Sexual abuse explained to children

Original Title

Te laisse pas faire! Les agressions et les abus sexuels expliqués aux enfants

A reference book on a delicate subject, updated at last.

Providing information to children without undermining the credibility of the adults who look after them is a delicate but crucial challenge. Too many children believe that adults have absolute power over them. Jocelyne Robert invites readers to take a preventive approach aiming to give children their rightful power over their bodies and their lives because it's absolutely necessary for them to learn that ogres and wolves are not found only in fairy tales! The task is made even more delicate by the fact that sexual assaults by people they know and love are the ones children most often keep silent about the longest.

The purpose of this book is to turn children and parents into a vigilant team, one step ahead of predators. It encourages fathers to be themselves, mothers not to panic and children to become the bosses of their own bodies. It includes games to play and exercises to do with children, offers hints for evaluating risks, and suggests relaxed, concrete and effective educational approaches. This is not just a book; it's actually a little bag to be filled with precautionary keys and tools.


•    Jocelyne Robert is an internationally renowned educator and popularizer. Her books are timeless bestsellers that are never out of print.
•    An enlarged version, updated by the addition of current topics, including child pornography on the Web.
•    New colour edition.
•    For parents of children aged 4 to 12. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
19.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2019
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
128 pages


Jocelyne Robert

Jocelyne Robert

A renowned sexologist, Jocelyne Robert is a woman known for her opinions and an experienced communicator. She writes about couples in a variety of media and appears regularly in various fora to comment on current issues, as well as writing newspaper editorials. See full author information (French)

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