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Je suis un chercheur d'or
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The mechanisms of communication and human relationships

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Je suis un chercheur d'or Les mécanismes de la communication et des relations humaines

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You can significantly improve the effectiveness of your human interactions through training.

We know we all need each other. We know we have to work in teams. We want to collaborate. We want to have influence. We want better, more satisfying relationships. Neuropsychology and experimental psychology have enabled us to identify the cognitive and behavioural mechanisms related to interpersonal communication. Nonetheless, it still seems to be impossible to put these mechanisms into practice in everyday communications.

What are the actual processes under our control that make our conversations effective? How can we use our main instrument, our brain? The ability to communicate effectively is not a gift. It is the result of training based on specific factors, with the power to change the direction and nature of collaboration among human beings.

Strong points
  • An innovative view of the interpersonal communication variables common to all human beings, regardless of their culture, their language, and the social or religious context in which they live. 
  • This book calls into question a number of psychological paradigms, as well as methods of communication and beliefs about communication. 
  • Guillaume Dulude's work is considered to be avant-garde in the field of the development of social interactions. His method represents a significant advance in interpersonal communication and in human development in general. 
  • The author is considered an authority in his field. He is invited to lecture all over the world. 
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36.95 $ CAD
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November 2020
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Psychology & Self-Help
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568 pages


Guillaume Dulude

Guillaume Dulude

Guillaume Dulude has studied, practised, and taught the psychology of communication and interpersonal influence since 2005. After more than a decade as a high-performance athlete, he set off on his first journey of adventure at age 20, aiming to travel around the world on less than $5000, using human communication as his main means of survival. His challenge was to discover common elements in communication across different cultures and social contexts. On his return, he founded Psycom, began his studies in psychology and continued his adventurous travels. See full author information (French)

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