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On SEXplique ça
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How to talk about sexuality with your teen

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On SEXplique ça Comment parler de sexualité avec son ado

How to approach questions about sexuality with your teen without embarrassment.

Is your child growing up before your very eyes, and are you dreading adolescence? Let's say your child has hit puberty and you are asking yourself questions. No need to panic, this book is for you.

The Let's SEXplain That! team has produced a book that is both theoretical and practical, to help you respond as effectively as possible to young people asking questions about their pubertal development. By addressing six aspects of sexuality, as well as topics handled at school, this book covers a wide range of issues related to sex education, including physical and biological changes, sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections (STIs), contraception and health, sexual identities and diversity. It is full of concise and relevant information, avenues for thought, ideas about practical ways to intervene, and even sex advice, and is indispensable for parents who are worried about seeing their children turn into sexual beings. Whether it's a question of social, emotional or sexual relationships, consent or social media issues, leave it to this trio of experts in healthy, positive, and inclusive sexuality to SEXplain it all to you!

  • This book is the fruit of hundreds of hours of involvement in school settings. 
  • The team has developed a digital sex education programme at the high school level. 
  • Complete and well-documented content covering all aspects of human sexuality, and suggesting positive, inclusive and liberating actions to take. 
  • The book deals with new themes, such as consent and diversity.
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Price : 
29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2021
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
256 pages


Isabelle Arcoite

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Laurence Desjardins

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Anabelle Gauthier

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