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La Route du sens
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The pathway to meaning

Achieving self-fulfillment in an uncertain world

Original Title

La Route du sens L'art de s'épanouir dans un monde incertain

Understanding yourself better to drive away boredom, frustration and the sense of emptiness

What can we do when we feel our lives are losing their meaning? In this book, psychologist Jean-Claude Drolet suggests an approach that is surprisingly pragmatic, and yet is an invaluable tool for putting our priorities “in the right place”.
This book helps us to: 
  • understand—explain life's difficult experiences to ourselves so that we can include them consciously in our baggage;
  • love—rediscover who we are, what we really like and what we really want so as to replace avoidance, flight and negative behaviours with empathy, confidence and acceptance; 
  • make a commitment—set goals, both daily and in the long term, that respect our deepest natures, and in so doing go forward in life in a single direction and in a fully authentic way. 
Thorough and easy to follow, this book succeeds in clearly and directly outlining the path we have to take to leave our uncertainties behind us, reconnect with our internal compass and breathe into our lives a meaning that will persist through dark days as well as through brighter ones.

Strong points
  • The author is a specialist in his field and the contribution of his research is recognized worldwide.
  • A book that turns an extremely complex quest into an exercise anyone can do: after explaining the three conditions for experiencing meaning, the author describes the stages to go through to lay all the groundwork for a more satisfying life.
  • Contents solidly based on the most recent psychological research and illustrated by examples drawn from clinical observations.
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Price : 
29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2018
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
320 pages


Jean-Louis Drolet

Jean-Louis Drolet

Jean-Louis Drolet is a psychologist of the humanist-existentialist school. His work focusses on counselling and life plans, social inclusion and the existential journey. His writing has been published in scientific journals in Canada, the United States and Europe. He has developed an innovative approach to counselling and orientation known as exploring intentionality, and he has created the Sense of Symbolic Immortality Scale, now used in research worldwide. See full author information (French)

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