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The Fermentation Revolution

Kombucha, kefir, miso…70 recipes at your fingertips

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Révolution fermentation Kombucha, kéfir, miso… 70 recettes à votre portée

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World English, Italian.

Boost your diet and your health by preparing your own fermentations!

The probiotic family just keeps on growing! After having taken their place on store shelves, sauerkraut and other lacto-fermented products are now making their way into the trendiest restaurant kitchens. It's much easier than you think to make your own fermented products at home, with no specialized equipment. And who better to guide us in this discovery than David Côté and Sébastien Bureau, the fermentation guru?


This book, intended as an easy and entertaining introduction, suggests roughly forty fermented products to make at home. Divided into four categories (based on fruits, sugar or honey; based on vegetables; based on cereal grains or legumes; based on vegetable or animal milks), the fermentation recipes are clearly presented. Lastly, roughly thirty recipes offer suggestions on original ways to integrate our fermentations into an ultra-healthy meal! All of the recipes are vegan and some have a lacto-vegetarian variation. So there's no longer any excuse: discover these unique and delicious products, and boost your diet along with your health!




A book that is modern in design, entertaining, and not at all intimidating!

The authors' credibility is beyond reproach.

Studies are multiplying and unanimous: fermentation techniques do not just have advantages for food conservation; they are now deemed to be of the highest importance in maintaining the health of our immune system (infections, chronic inflammatory diseases), nervous system (anxiety, autism), and metabolism (obesity, diabetes). See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
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March 2017
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Food & Wine
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200 pages
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45000 words


David Côté

David Côté

A pioneer of the living diet, DAVID CÔTÉ has been fascinated by culinary experiments since childhood. The co-founder of Crudessence, he is a seasoned eco-entrepreneur, a hyperactive inventor and an inspired chef. His books have been translated into five languages. See full author information (French)

Sébastien Bureau

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)


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