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La relation entre les adultes et leurs parents
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Fostering a mature relationship in order to stay close

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La relation entre les adultes et leurs parents Faire évoluer le lien tout au long de la vie

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Rich relationships that are strengthened,not weakened, by time.

The relationship between parents and children or adolescents is analyzed in thousands of books, but the subject of the relationship that continues into adulthood is seldom touched on. Yet, it is a source of anxieties and difficulties.

Sylvie Galland tackles these questions through accounts from many sources, and her reflections concern both the attitudes of parents and their offspring. She talks about the changes that have to occur throughout the stages of life, sometimes to the point of role reversal as parents age. She
also describes the conditioning that hinders the evolution of both generations, and suggests possible paths for getting out of constraining relational systems. We witness the attempts by one young man who would like to be able to express his emotions and feelings in a family where their
expression seems to be taboo. Or a mother's efforts to understand her twenty-year-old daughter's emotional wounds and the criticisms that are directed back at her.

The objective of the evolution desired is to find the right distance
between adults and their parents, for them to be able to listen to and acknowledge each other, to experience genuine encounters and meaningful communication. And last but not least, to become a loving parent to ourselves!

Strong points

  • Many very lively accounts to illustrate abuses and solutions.
  • Ways to promote listening, communication and the evolution of parent and child roles.
  • This essay is a tool for reflection to enrich the lives of adults of every generation.
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March 2019
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Psychology & Self-Help
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208 pages


Sylvie Galland

Sylvie Galland

A psychotherapist and psychodramatist, Sylvie Galland has worked for 40 years in the field of special education. In particular,she was the director of the children's psychotherapy centre at the Hôpital de l'enfance de Lausanne. She has facilitated many group psychodrama sessions for adults and has done training in psychoanalytical psychodrama for professionals See full author information (French)

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