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De quoi j'ai l'air ? - N° 2
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How Do I Look?

Collection "So what's that got to do with it?"

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De quoi j'ai l'air ? - N° 2

The real lives of young people told like a novel and explained by a psychologist.

Each book in this collection presents a problem affecting teenagers by means of discussions among four girls: Raphaëlle, Sarah, Jasmine and Giulia. The four close girlfriends guide us through the various volumes, where they compare their points of view on a difficult issue, such as love relationships, friendship, self-esteem, relationships with authority figures, being different, etc. The book's original concept, combining fiction and psychological advice, opens up avenues for reflection and action to give teenagers concrete tools to confront the difficulties and questions in their daily lives...

Losing weight is THE main concern for Anaïs, whose body has literally melted away in recent months. Catherine is so upset by this that she's put on as much weight as her former best friend has lost. When Anaïs collapses during a sports activity, the situation can no longer be ignored. Have Anaïs and Catherine really changed? Why is their situation so disturbing? Is appearance really so important? This gives their friends lots to think about.

The books' strong points:
•    The books' concept is original, combining fiction and psychological advice.
•    Dynamic and very realistic stories, with plenty of dialogue.

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4.95 $ CAD
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April 2013
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136 pages


Aline Apostolska

Aline Apostolska

Aline Apostolska is a journalist, editor, and French writer and historian by training. She has lived and worked in Montreal since 1998. Her books have won many prizes, including the prestigious Governor General's Award. See full author information (French)

Marie-Josée Mercier

Marie-Josée Mercier

Marie-Josée Mercier trained as a psychologist and criminologist. She has worked as a family psychologist for over ten years. See full author information (French)


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