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Questions sexuelles pour couples actuels
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Questions on Sex for Modern Couples

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Questions sexuelles pour couples actuels

A couple's sex life and love life cannot be separated. Based on principles of mutual understanding and self-knowledge, this book invites couple seeking greater sexual intimacy to rediscover what unites them rather than what separates them. The author offers an overview of couples' sexuality, from the perspective of each person's sexual baggage, as well as from that of the sexual encounter, tackling themes as wide-ranging as a lack of desire, daily constraints, fantasies and sexual satisfaction at any age. Very simply presented, as if it were a natural, friendly conversation, this book talks about sexuality without any reference to the “technical” side that is so often part of the discussion.

Table of contents
Chapter 1: Partners in life, partners in bed
Chapter 2: My sexuality, your sexuality, ours
Chapter 3: A couple's sexual rules
Chapter 4: Wanting sex and wanting the other person
Chapter 5: You turn me on
Chapter 6: Sexual satisfaction, beyond orgasm
Chapter 7: The role of erotic fantasies
Chapter 8: The role of pornography in a couple's relationship
Chapter 9: Being in love, being lovers and being parents, all at the same time
Chapter 10: Sexuality without pain
Chapter 11: Victims of sexual assault
Chapter 12: Sexual delights and challenges at every age

The book's strong points
-All aspects of a couple's sex life are examined, even the most taboo, with tact, seriousness and in understandable language.
-Written for people of any age and all sexual viewpoints.
-Speaks to women and men. Intended to be read by both partners.
-Accentuates the positive side of the relationship by offering subject-specific advice on how to enhance sexual experience. See complete product information (French)
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24.95 $ CAD
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February 2011
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224 pages
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22.9 X 15.2 cm


Geneviève Parent

Geneviève Parent

A clinical sexologist, sex analyst and psychotherapist, Geneviève Parent did her undergraduate degree and Masters in clinical sexology. She teaches in the Département de sexologie of the Université du Québec in Montréal as well as running a private practice. She also does training and collaborates with various types of media. See full author information (French)

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