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FOUR Against The Wolves

Original Title

Quatre contre les Loups

A unique blend of adventure novel and manga, by one of the finest authors of middle-grade fiction in Québec!

Midway between Kick-Ass and Watchmen, ordinary superheroes rush to defend a haunted house!


Eastwood, a small town like any other? Wrong… When night falls, four superheroes patrol the streets. Their goal: to save the old theme park, and more specifically its haunted house, also known as “the house of the first kiss”. Local authorities are in fact threatening to destroy the place, now the hangout for the Wolfpack gang. And so, masked but without any powers other than their desire for justice, Felix, a martial arts champion, Léonie, a gymnast, Zack, a baseball pitcher, and Miguel, a boxer, become Rei, Effie, Babe and Pep. Night after night, they face Reese, Tattoo Girl, their two monsters and a pack of baby wolves. Behind the scenes of these battles, other forces are at play: the soul of the old park, the mysterious Ma'Sherlie, and Bernard Douglas, the powerful businessman who is also Léonie's stepfather. Eastwood, a small town like any other? Wrong!




An imaginative mixture of novel and comic book that will attract avid teenage readers and comic book fans, both boys and girls.

Meticulous manga-like illustrations that highlight the strong moments of the novel and the confrontations between the good guys and the bad.

A dense story, action-focused, that also tackles themes of friendship, love, betrayal, class differences and the importance of family. See complete product information (French)
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9.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
April 2017
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Pages : 
272 pages


Sonia Sarfati

Sonia Sarfati

SONIA SARFATI is a journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and author of approximately forty comic books and novels for children and teens, for which she won a prestigious Governor General's Award. She communicates with adult readers in a daily newspaper, covering films and literature. See full author information (French)

Lou Victor Karnas

Lou Victor Karnas

LOU VICTOR KARNAS is a cartoonist and illustrator with a passion for films, comic books and music. After studies in traditional animation, he worked as an artist in the field of video games. See full author information (French)

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