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La puissance des émotions
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The power of the emotions (new edition)

How to tell the real from the fake

Original Title

La puissance des émotions Comment distinguer les vraies des fausses

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Rights of the first edition sold to Portugal and Poland

Fully understanding your emotions and living a happy life!

Despite widespread belief, there is no danger in letting ourselves be guided by our emotions. On the contrary, to make choices that take into account our whole being, it's better to rely on what we feel, although it's still important to fully understand the messages relayed by our emotions. Author and psychologist Michelle Larivey has done an enormous amount of work in classifying and understanding what emotions do. For example, anxiety can tell us about a lack of preparation or a tendency to aim for the impossible. Restlessness is a sign that we are staving off a concern that is trying to come to the surface. Anger indicates dissatisfaction about something, while the role of fear or desire is to anticipate the future, etc. This book, with its complete inventory of emotions as well as anecdotes from daily life, makes it possible for everyone to gain insight into their various emotional experiences: defining them, analyzing them, understanding their role and, in particular, learning how to manage them. It's a genuine emotional goldmine.

Strong points
  • A comprehensive inventory of emotions and their roles.
  • A simple language that speaks to everyone.
  • Concrete examples for each emotion.
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29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
April 2021
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
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336 pages


Michelle Larivey

Michelle Larivey

Michelle Larivey is a psychologist and psychotherapist, with a particular emphasis on clinical research, the training of psychotherapists and the development of new intervention techniques in psychology. See full author information (French)

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