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Les personnalités particulières au travail
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Difficult personalities in the workplace

How to supervise and work effectively with them

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Les personnalités particulières au travail Comment les superviser et collaborer efficacement avec elles

An essential book for anyone dealing with a difficult personality in the workplace.

Sooner or later, managers, human resources advisors, bosses and colleagues find themselves dealing with an employee with a difficult personality. As the months go by, managers caught in this situation start to notice a decline in empathy, a lack of resources, and a sense of doubt about their competencies. Colleagues also shift from an understanding attitude to a feeling of powerlessness.
In this book, Monique Bessette and Marie-Christine Gran propose a way to intervene with employees with a personality disorder. For the first time, proven concepts are simplified and made easy to understand. In this book, managers, administrators and colleagues will find many tools for early detection and intervention, as well as ways to get back to normal when tensions or conflicts erupt. By learning to better understand the inner universe of these difficult employees, everyone can establish limits and regain their empathy. This is a book that provides pragmatic responses to a complex reality.

Strong points
  • Many case histories illustrate the impact of difficult personalities in the business world.
  • Clear advice on the best ways to behave toward a person with a personality disorder in the workplace.
  • A practical book that all managers and colleagues will want to consult.
  • A new approach: a blend of organizational and personality psychology.
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Price : 
24.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
April 2019
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
184 pages


Monique Bessette

Monique Bessette

Monique Bessette has been a psychologist since 1987. A psychotherapist, trainer and seasoned lecturer, she founded and directs the Institut Victoria, which offers psychological services especially designed for business owners and employees: psychotherapy, training, psycho-legal expertise, coaching, etc. See full author information (French)

Marie-Christine Gran

Marie-Christine Gran

Marie-Christine Gran is a social worker and psychotherapist. She has a master's degree from McGill University (Industrial Social Work) and has been working for various businesses in their employee assistance programs (EAP) since 1988. She is also a trainer, lecturer and professional coach. See full author information (French)

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