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Rose Madeleine's Pastries

Vegan desserts, 100% delicious!

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Les pâtisseries de Rose Madeleine 50 recettes véganes

Vegan desserts, 100% delicious!

Fifty vegan treats created by a clever pastry chef, who manages to make them equal classic French pastries in taste and texture.

Creating original combinations and suggesting unusual flavours and homey desserts that reminds us of the ones our grandmothers made is the challenge taken up by this most unusual chef, who develops recipes that are anything but boring: chocolate, coffee and dulce de leche flavoured bread, blueberry and black tea brownies, pear and pistachio squares, two-lemon basil cookies, vanilla and salted caramel cake, mocha cake with cinamon and maple cream, pecan and chocolate pie.

Using simple, foolproof tricks, you'll also learn how to replace milk, cream, butter and eggs in all your desserts, to transform any recipe into an allergen-free recipe!

Discover the pleasure of a different kind of baking and let yourself be convinced that what is important in a dessert is not how much butter you use..., it's the burst of flavours you create!

Table of contents
* Indispensable ingredients
* The art of making replacements
* Do it yourself
* Breads and muffins
* Spreads
* Biscuits and cookies
* Brownies and gourmet squares
* Cakes
* Pies

Strong points
- Highly original recipes using ingredients easily found in grocery stores.
- Out-of-the-ordinary flavour combinations.
- A section showing how to replace ingredients like eggs, milk or butter in any recipe to turn it into e vegan dessert.
- A colourful book with especially appetizing photos. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
9.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
October 2015
Category : 
Food & Wine
Pages : 
144 pages


Véronique St-Pierre

Véronique St-Pierre

Trained in graphic arts and classic French pastry-making, Véronique St-Pierre was born with a sweet tooth. Curious and keen to try new things, she is the author of the “Rose Madeleine” blog, where she shares her infectious energy, her discoveries, her tips and a host of vegan dessert recipes. See full author information (French)

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