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Passion chocolat
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Chocolate Passion

The astonishing story of cacao

Original Title

Passion chocolat L'étonnante aventure du cacao

A fascinating journey in the mesmerizing world of chocolate.

Geneviève Grandbois invites you to delve into the heart of the fascinating universe of chocolate! Follow the cacao trail and retrace all the stages the beans go through, from the bush to the hands of the chocolate-maker. Along the way, discover the history of this much-prized sweet, the rituals and occupations associated with it, and unravel the mysteries of its legendary virtues.

Learn about the specific traits of the various kinds of chocolate – where they originate, their aromas, their degrees of bitterness, how much cacao they contain. This book is full of practical information to help you appreciate all of chocolate's subtle characteristics.

Then give in to self-indulgence and enjoy the unusual combinations suggested by tea specialists, baristas, wine experts, chefs and experienced pastry-makers – a thousand and one previously unthought-of possibilities.

Table of contents
Chapter 1: The history of chocolate
Chapter 2: The chocolate trades
Chapter 3: The qualities of chocolate
Chapter 4: The essence of chocolate
Chapter 5: Cooking with chocolate
Chapter 6: Chocolate that is changing the world (social projects and environmental initiatives)

Strong points
-Magnificent photos that teach the reader how chocolate is produced.
-A well-documented book that serves as a reference for the general public, including foodies.
-A large section for food lovers and many pieces of practical advice to help you discover more about chocolate.
-40 creative recipes for beginners as well as for daring cooks.
-Profiles of chocolate-makers, artists and artisans around the world.

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12.95 $ CAD
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October 2013
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Food & Wine
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224 pages


Geneviève Grandbois

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