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Parlez-leur d'amour... et de sexualité
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Sex education: it's urgent!

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Parlez-leur d'amour... et de sexualité L'éducation sexuelle: Ça presse !

Rights Sold

Rights of the previous edition sold to Spain and Argentina.

Find all the keys for guiding your child's sexual and emotional development, from babyhood to the end of adolescence, in this new updated and expanded edition!

This book is first and foremost a guide for parents. Those working in the world of education, in early childhood centres and in social and health environments will also find what they are looking for, along with every tool available for guiding and supervising children as they develop. Secondly,
it is an essay on the importance of clear sex education, on the need to consider sexuality as a dimension neither more nor less important than all the other components of a human being, a life, a society. The author tackles the various stages of children's psychosexual development and suggests concrete ways to make parents experts on the topic. She hopes to make parents take a closer look at their own baggage concerning sexual issues, so as to establish a dialogue with their child on the pleasure of growing up and discovering oneself, by making sexuality a part of personal development that gives meaning, flavour and dignity to life.

This expanded version now deals with the following themes:
hypersexualization, the sexualization of little girls, the culture
of rape and sexual violence, the multiplication of gender identities, the pervasiveness of pornography, addiction to sex and pornography, a hypersexualized public space, the normalization of sexual violence, prostitution and exploitation, sexting, Internet nudity, dress codes and much more!

Strong points

Jocelyne Robert is an internationally known teacher and popularizer of information. Her books are enduring  bestsellers that are never obsolete.

A greatly expanded version that deals with today's subjects.

Some passages have been modernized, with added
updates: STIs and magical thinking (the result of a lack of
sex education for 18 years), emotional solitude and social networks, early interest in sex, shortcuts to adulthood, and consent and equality.
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26.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2018
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Family & Parenting
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272 pages


Jocelyne Robert

Jocelyne Robert

A renowned sexologist, Jocelyne Robert is a woman known for her opinions and an experienced communicator. She writes about couples in a variety of media and appears regularly in various fora to comment on current issues, as well as writing newspaper editorials. See full author information (French)

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