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Parents dans un monde d'écrans
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Parents dans un monde d'écrans Comment vous brancher à l'univers de vos enfants de 0 à 18 ans

Everything you have to do (or not do!) to offer the best guidance to children and teenagers, in a world where screens are everywhere.

What do we really know nowadays about the habits of young people, where the use of screens and visits to social networks are concerned? What's the real impact on family life? On young people's social, emotional and romantic relationships? On their sexuality, mental health, learning at school? Is there cause for worry? If yes, what about? How can we manage the use of these technologies by children and teenagers? At what age do we allow them access?

Based on the latest knowledge, this book offers an overview of current issues concerning youth and technologies: online games and Internet addiction, compulsive use of phones and Instagram, the cult of the image, fascination for YouTubers, “sexting”, phones in class, etc. In particular, it provides avenues for reflection, tips and tools for better managing these practices. It is designed first and foremost for parents, but will also interest anyone involved in education (teachers, intervenors, psychologists). In a simple,
concrete and accessible way, you will finally learn what is really important to understand about multiple platforms; what courses of action to adopt; in short, everything you have to do (or not do!) to better guide young people (children and teenagers) in a world where screens are everywhere

Strong points

The authors have called on experts in various fields to
offer multiple points of view on the topic and emphasize
practical advice.

The book covers childhood, pre-adolescence and
adolescence, right up to the beginning of adulthood.

All subjects related to the use of screens are covered:
private life in relation to public life, family dynamics,
mental health (Internet addiction, anxiety and
depression), learning at school, friendships, sexuality,
bullying, cyberstalking, marketing and publicity.

The book is not meant to be alarmist. It presents both the
“dangers” of some platforms and the positive initiatives
made possible by social networks, for example.
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Price : 
24.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2019
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
256 pages


Catalina Briceno

Catalina Briceno

Catalina Briceño is a guest professor in the École des Médias at the Univrersité du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). A specialist in market trends and public policies related to the digital transformation of media and culture, she appears regularly in the media and at conferences on these topics. She is the mother of three boys, aged 16, 13 and 2. See full author information (French)

Marie-Claude Ducas

Marie-Claude Ducas

Marie-Claude Ducas, in her more than 25 years as a journalist,has been especially interested in the media and in the evolution of social networks, as well as covering many social issues. She is the mother of 18-year-old twins.
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