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Orgasmes à la carte
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Interactive erotic adventures for intrepid women readers

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Orgasmes à la carte Aventures érotiques interactives pour lectrices intrépides

While this book heats up the atmosphere, it is not dangerous for the environment and contributes to the preservation of moist environments!

In this at once playful and shameless book, female readers are invited to experience, following their own imaginations,the erotic situations that arouse them. Borrowing the principle of “books in which you are the hero”, where you choose what happens next as you read, the story unfolds from the
point of view of a woman whose intimate life is put on stage in bed, at the corner bar and even in a secret dungeon, the site of wild evening parties.

Imagine that you are getting ready to leave a bar after a pleasant evening. Who will you invite to follow you: the handsome brown-haired man smiling at you from a distance? The pretty redhead who is giving you seductive looks? Or perhaps... both?

Not as fake as pornography, not as genuine as reality, this interactive erotic novel is inspired by the most widespread female fantasies and allows readers to encounter, through various stories, experiences that are as varied as they are intoxicating. You can finally experience your fantasies at your own speed and in the way you want. YOU are the mistress of this carnal adventure!

Strong points

  • Author and comedian Anne-Marie Dupras has a loyal following (over 50,000 fans on social media) that enjoyher straight talk and her lively, enthusiastic and sincere personality.
  • The author is long been out as a bisexual in the media.
  • The highly playful concept of a “book in which you are the hero” is applied to this kind of novel, told, furthermore, from a woman's point of view!
  • The novel's interactive form offers over twenty stories to choose from, depending on the reader's preferences. She has total freedom to decide how far she is ready to go.
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24.95 $ CAD
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April 2019
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256 pages


Anne-Marie Dupras

Anne-Marie Dupras

Anne-Marie Dupras studied sexology at UQAM. She is also a scriptwriter and performs stand-up comedy in both English and French. See full author information (French)

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