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La mort en héritage
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A Legacy of Death

Bizarre tales of family murders

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La mort en héritage Histoires vraies et insolites de meurtres en famille

What lies beneath terrifying family stories that are bound to feed your nightmares!

Whether because of jealousy, for the lure of financial gain, for revenge, or in a fit of uncontrollable frenzy, murders within families are more common than we think. But what drives people to kill members of their own family? What makes ordinary people do irreparable things? In this book, Simon Predj, alias Ars Moriendi, tries to answer these questions by drawing on science, history, theology and psychology. Some of the most shocking cases of family murders are recounted, organized around themes like vendettas, Machiavellianism, despair, insanity, etc. These bizarre historical cases include, among others, that of farmer Amos Babcock, who stabbed his sister in front of his terrified loved ones; the case of Katherine Knight, who tried to get rid of her husband's body by cooking it and feeding it to her children; that of the lobster-boy, who murdered his family to escape their control; and the case of Kenneth Parks, accused of murdering his parents while sleepwalking. The book contains a host of blood-chilling tales and shows us that reality is sometimes more frightening than fiction and that monsters are often closer to us than we think. To be read with caution!

• Research done by an actual private detective.
• A collection of unpublished stories, carefully chosen to keep the reader spellbound.
• A thoughtful reflection on criminality and parricide.
• Real cases documented using archives, journal articles, and legal files. See complete product information (French)
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29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
November 2020
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328 pages


Simon Predj

Simon Predj

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

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