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Le Miel
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Nature's golden delicacy

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Le Miel L'art des abeilles, l'or de la ruche

An enthralling book on honey and bees - you'll be bitten by the bug!

Pictured in cave paintings discovered in Spain, South Africa and India, honey is one of humanity's most ancient foods. An undisputed symbol of sweetness, prosperity and abundance, this nectar is the result of Herculean labour carried out by bees in a striking spirit of cooperation and with remarkable precision.

In this magnificently illustrated book, we discover the history of bees, their morphology, their mysterious language, the structure of their colonies, their life cycles, and how work is organized in the hive. The authors present not only the different stages in the production of honey and the many secrets of the hive's other treasures, but also the diversity of our floral heritage and the particular tastes of the various types of honey that result. Lastly, gourmet recipes will prompt you to become more familiar with using honey in cooking.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Bees through the centuries and their symbols
Chapter 2. Bees and apiculturists
Chapter 3. Bees, the indispensable guardians of the environment
Chapter 4. Honey
Chapter 5. The benefits of honey and other treasures from the hive
Chapter 6. Cooking with honey and gourmet delights
Chapter 7. One planet, one passion (honey around the world)

Strong points
- Spectacular photos, including many macro photographs showing the life stages of bees, and the production of honey and other hive products.
- Approximately thirty gourmet recipes, as well as health and beauty tips.
- An especially well-documented reference book that gives bees, agriculture and honey their well-deserved place in the ecological, culinary and pharmaceutical fields.
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34.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
November 2013
Category : 
Food & Wine
Pages : 
192 pages


Anicet Desrochers

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Anne-Virginie Schmidt

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