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La maternité en toute sérénité
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La maternité en toute sérénité

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For an anxious young woman, motherhood is a major challenge! A frank, funny and up-to-the-minute comic strip.

Valouch is a new mother discovering parenthood, with all of its wonder and challenges. Anxiety and maternal distress are complicating her task. In the time between hoping one day to start a family and baby's arrival, she asks herself questions. A lot of questions. How do you make your way calmly through pregnancy despite emotional wounds? How do you not let herself be bothered by other people's comments? How do you hold up emotionally and psychologically in this major transition from being a couple to being a family? How do you manage the baby's arrival? Finally, how do you give the best of yourself to your child, in spite of your own weaknesses? This story recounts anecdotes about Valouch's pregnancy and Baby's first months with honesty and humour. Her experience, in the company of her steadfast spouse Doudou, offers possible answers to common, but seldom admitted, questions, and presents new perspectives on a tale that is both unique and universal.

Strong points
  • An unvarnished autobiographical account—nonetheless full of humour—about discovering motherhood. 
  • The author tackles taboo questions about pregnancy and delivery honestly: anxiety, depression, maternal meltdowns. 
  • An ode to love, which helps to meet challenges both big and small. Irresistible drawings that are very expressive and of the moment.
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Price : 
26.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2021
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
144 pages


Valériane Labroche

Valériane Labroche

Valériane Labroche, alias Ton Amie Valouch, discovered the world of manga at the age of 13 and everything followed on from there. She started to draw angels, devils, fairies ... A few years later, she inked her first plates. Following several publications in magazines, she chose an artistic career. She passed the entry exams for the Ubisoft campus and graduated in 2008 with her diploma in 3D modelling. Since then, she has worked in video games as a concept artist and artistic director, while at the same time continuing to create comic strips. See full author information (French)

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