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  • Little Hands, Big Plate - Child-led dietary diversification

    Little Hands, Big Plate

    Petites mains, grande assiette

    Evelyne Bergevin, Marie-Ève Richard, Annie Talbot

    A new revised and expanded edition of this dietary approach in which babies feed themselves, without going through the mashed food stage.

    With child-led dietary diversification (CLD), we say #byebyepurees! As soon as solids are introduced, babies eat foods cut into pieces for them, on their own, without help. They feed themselves at the table at the same time as other members of the [...]

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  • Energizing Snacks - For athletes big and small (and active people!)

    Energizing Snacks

    Collations énergisantes

    Madame Labriski

    Simply and tasty snacks to eat BEFORE, DURING and AFTER exercise … or at the office in the middle of the afternoon!

    Madame Labriski, who is firmly determined to become the queen of snacks, says it loud and clear: this book is the reference for making snacks that are both nourishing and delicious. A business woman, proud marathoner, and mother of two active young [...]

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  • In Love and Happy Despite our Differences

    In Love and Happy Despite our Differences

    Amoureux et heureux malgré nos différences

    France Duval, François St Père

    When two unique beings decide to love each other, there is a world of differences they have to learn to deal with!

    So many elements define us: our personality, our temperament, our past experiences and even our genetics! No wonder the union of two people causes a few surprises, and even friction. For forming a couple means sharing our life with someone who, of [...]

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  • My Professional Transition - 5 Weeks to reorient myself

    My Professional Transition

    Ma reconversion professionnelle

    Anne-Caroline Lourmière

    You'd like to change your profession, but don't know how? Here's the antidote to professional stagnation!

    Designed as a practical guide, this book outlines a structured and gradual pathway that makes it easy to reorient yourself professionally all on your own. Self-evaluations, questionnaires and exploratory activities enable you to prepare your career [...]

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  • Survival Guide for Caregivers - Practical advice for giving care without burning out

    Survival Guide for Caregivers

    Guide de survie des proches aidants

    Michelle Arcand, Lorraine Brissette

    Yes, you can care for a loved one while conserving your energy!

    In Quebec, and many western countries, between 40 and 60 percent of the population take on the role of caregiver in a more or less intensive way. And these people are at risk of burnout. Being a caregiver is far from easy! As a starting point in [...]

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  • THE BIG BOOK OF SYNERGOLOGY - Decoding body language to improve relationships


    Le grand livre de la synergologie

    Philippe Turchet

    A revealing overview of all aspects of non-verbal communication!

    In the 1990s, Philippe Turchet created synergology, the study of non-verbal communication as a means of decoding body language, gestures, and emotions, and of detecting what is unspoken, while enhancing the quality of our communications. [...]

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    Petit manifeste de la masturbation féminine

    Roxane Gaudette Loiseau, Mélanie Guénette-Robert

    It's been said that a woman who reads is dangerous; so imagine how dangerous a woman who has orgasms can be!

    Masturbation is a pleasant activity and a way of responding independently to a natural need and affirming your self-worth. Yet it's not talked about much, if at all. The authors, sexologist, have embarked on an unabashed quest to put an end to the [...]

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    Défis zéro gaspi

    Florence Léa Siry

    A practical guide for incorporating zero-waste cooking into your life!

    The surge in popularity of the zero-waste movement has shed light on a number of aberrations in our consumption habits, and food waste has become THE topic everyone is talking about. Now that we have woken up to this problem, questions have [...]

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    Journal intime menstruel

    Sarah Bisson, Mme L'Ovary

    An indispensable tool for observing and understanding your menstrual cycle!

    Because periods are much more than premenstrual symptoms, this gently humorous diary will be an indispensable ally for every woman wanting to live in harmony with her menstrual cycle. Divided into two parts, the book first presents key information [...]

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  • MAGIC MIXTURES (NE) - Simple homemade cosmetics


    À fleur de pots

    Les Mauvaises Herbes

    An updated and expanded edition of the do-it-yourself cosmetic bible!

    The production of body-care products is booming. Drawing on various kinds of responsible consumption like locavorism, zero waste and minimalism, do-it-yourself is the perfect answer for those seeking alternative solutions to industrial products. [...]

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  • GREENCLEANING - Environmentally friendly household cleaning products



    Les Mauvaises Herbes

    Les Mauvaises Herbes are back with a new DIY bible for everyone who wants to live better in their own clean-it-yourself home!

    Greencleaning is the logical follow-up to Magic Mixtures: Simple homemade cosmetics, the authors' first book. With the same minimalist and non-guilt-inducing approach, les Mauvaises Herbes demonstrate the ease of use and effectiveness of homemade [...]

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  • IS AGING INESCAPABLE? - A doctor's thoughts on a little-understood process


    Vieillir est-il inéluctable ?

    Dr. Daniel Dufour

    Did you know that we all have within us the potential for eternity and the choice of aging or not?

    In our societies, aging is considered to be inescapable, a dogma supported by the materialist medicine largely practised today. But what if we had it all wrong? What if we could slow down aging, perhaps even do away with it entirely? This is what [...]

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  • MANIPULATORS ARE AMONG US - Illustrated edition

    MANIPULATORS ARE AMONG US - Illustrated edition

    Les manipulateurs sont parmi nous - Édition illustrée

    Isabelle Nazare-Aga

    The illustrated version of the best-seller designed to help you get the better of any manipulator!

    Behind such varied masks as kindness, seduction, generosity, or shyness, manipulators are skilled at making you feel guilty, communicating vaguely, casting doubt on your abilities, using flattery to achieve their ends, and posing as victims when [...]

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  • LET'S SEXPLAIN THAT! - How to talk about sexuality with your teen


    On SEXplique ça

    Isabelle Arcoite, Laurence Desjardins, Anabelle Gauthier

    How to approach questions about sexuality with your teen without embarrassment.

    Is your child growing up before your very eyes, and are you dreading adolescence? Let's say your child has hit puberty and you are asking yourself questions. No need to panic, this book is for you. The Let's SEXplain That! team has produced a book [...]

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  • Femininity & Ayurveda - The art of living, plants, recipes, and well-being rituals

    Femininity & Ayurveda

    Féminité & Ayurveda

    Krystine St-Laurent

    Honouring your femininity and stimulating your energy through Ayurveda.

    Woman's nature is a gift: it is gentle, soothing, creative, fertile, affectionate, receptive and nurturing. However, in a society where masculinity rules, where the values of efficiency and productivity predominate, the strength innate in every [...]

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  • MANAGING YOUR DISAGREEMENTS AND DIFFERENCES - A tried-and-true way to create harmony in your surroundings


    Gérer ses différends et ses différences

    Danie Beaulieu

    A simple, original and effective programme for resolving conflicts.

    This book discusses the best way to settle conflicts with colleagues, friends, neighbours, life partners, parents, children, etc. The author's four-stage programme is designed to stop us all from handling disagreements with aggression, unhappiness, [...]

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  • SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR GRANDPARENTS - Loving, comforting, supporting


    Le psy-guide des grands-parents

    Suzanne Vallières, Gabrielle Vallières-Lavoie

    A wealth of advice for a rewarding grandparent-grandchild relationship!

    Grandmas and grandpas play an increasingly large role in today's families. By assisting parents and building closer connections with their grandchildren, they become indirectly involved in their daily routines and upbringing. It can, however, be [...]

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  • FACIAL GYMNASTICS - How to keep your face naturally beautiful


    La gymnastique faciale - 4e édition

    Catherine Pez

    Learn how to keep your youthful look with a few minutes of facial gymnastics every day!

    Facial gymnastics help keep wrinkles at bay and give your complexion a radiant glow. This book explains the roles facial muscles play in how we look and suggests a number of exercises to stimulate muscles that can worsen the signs of aging when they [...]

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  • Bye-Bye Plastic ! - Can we live without plastic?

    Bye-Bye Plastic !

    Ciao plastique!

    Evelyne Charuest

    Who hasn't dreamed of eliminating plastic from their life? Here is how.

    Journalist Evelyne Charuest and her family tried the radical experiment of not using plastic in their daily lives for a year. This memoir is the detailed story of their attempt; it's also a guide for those who want to decrease their ecological [...]

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  • The era of womanhood - Develop the power within you with Kundalini

    The era of womanhood

    L'ère du féminin

    Nicole Richard

    Discover the best techniques for women yearning to feel vitalized, safe, relaxed and in control of themselves.

    This book offers an innovative, pragmatic and inspiring approach to the concept of womanhood:?their strength, courage, abilities and vastness. It also encourages women to express their identity and unlimited capacities. The concepts and experiments [...]

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