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  • Magic Mixtures - A magical little book of home-made cosmetics

    Magic Mixtures

    À fleur de pots

    Les Trappeuses

    Make all of your facial, body and hair care products with just 10 ingredients!

    The production of body-care products is booming. Drawing on various kinds of responsible consumption like locavorism, zero waste and minimalism, do-it-yourself (or DIY) is the perfect answer for those seeking alternative solutions to industrial [...]

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  • Responsible consumption : Be a zero hero - A beginner's practical guide to zero waste living

    Responsible consumption : Be a zero hero

    La consommation dont vous êtes le z'héros

    Florence Léa Siry

    Toward a zero waste, 100% fun lifestyle!

    The zero-waste lifestyle is gaining ground worldwide. Faced with this trend, you, of course, tell yourself that you would be considered a better human being if you did this too ... but you don't know how? You admire the efforts of those who produce [...]

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  • The world has square roots - Eclectic ideas to tickle your scientific streak

    The world has square roots

    Le monde a des racines carrées

    Viviane Lalande

    Everyday situations viewed through a scientific lens

    The world has square roots invites you to discover how simple scientific ideas are applied both in daily life and in the lives of researchers and experts on the cutting edge in every field.  Each chapter has two sections. The first looks at a [...]

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  • Ultra-Ordinary - A runner's journal



    Joan Roch

    In running, there are no rules and no referee. No team and no opponent. No schedule and no compulsory equipment. And no limits either.

    For several years, Joan Roch has been running both ways to work every day. Ten kilometres morning and evening, every weekday, all year long. To avoid monotony, Joan can count on the Montreal climate with its blizzards, storms, ice and “slush”, whose [...]

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  • It Almost Cost Me My Soul - Surviving war and post-traumatic stress disorder

    It Almost Cost Me My Soul

    J'ai failli y laisser mon âme

    Dr. Daniel Dufour

    Death on the front line: a doctor tells his story.

    Thirty years after having worked as a surgeon and then as a medical coordinator, in the hottest spots on the planet (Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, the Thai-Kampuchean border, the Sabra and Chatila camps, Lebanon, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border), Dr. Dufour [...]

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  • My Serial Killers

    My Serial Killers

    Mes tueurs en série

    Nadia Fezzani

    The Jack the Rippers of the world arouse both fascination and horror...What goes through the killer's mind at the moment he commits his crime? What makes him perform such horrible acts? And, above all, are serial killers born or made? To answer [...]

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  • Babyboomerang - Idealistic baby-boomers are back changing society



    Serge Cabana

    The baby-boomer revolution isn't over...

    This extremely up-to-the minute, well-argued and powerful essay brings us face to face with the many questions raised by the aging of baby boomers, a generation unique in our societies' history and whose impact on the system is still very much [...]

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  • Brother André - Ths history of the lowly porter who would work miracles

    Brother André

    Le frère André

    Micheline Lachance

    Canonization October 2010

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  • Michaël, My Son - Everything I learned with you  now helps me live without you

    Michaël, My Son

    Michaël, mon fils

    Richard Cummings

    ««Every man is the son of his own works», Cervantes said; as for me, I'm very much the work of my son….» This book is the story of a loving and devoted father, who looked after his son Michaël, suffering from a degenerative neuromusculatory [...]

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  • Street Gangs, Inc - Their networks in Canada and the Americas

    Street Gangs, Inc

    Gangs de rue inc.

    Maria Mourani

    The street gang phenomenon is complex and has many causes: poverty, social exclusion, dropping out of school, marginalization, parental neglect, a lack of attractive prospects for youth and the fact that violence has become commonplace. Street gangs [...]

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  • Animal Passion - My life is an adventure story

    Animal Passion

    Passion animale

    Jacinthe Bouchard, Marie Brassard

    «Forty degrees and not a breath of wind. I'm sitting on an upside-down bucket, three tigers facing me. They pick up my smell. One of them looks me up and down and comes closer…» Passionate about animals and constantly in search of thrills, Jacinthe [...]

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