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    Petit manifeste de la masturbation féminine

    Roxane Gaudette Loiseau, Mélanie Guénette-Robert

    It's been said that a woman who reads is dangerous; so imagine how dangerous a woman who has orgasms can be!

    Masturbation is a pleasant activity and a way of responding independently to a natural need and affirming your self-worth. Yet it's not talked about much, if at all. The authors, sexologist, have embarked on an unabashed quest to put an end to the [...]

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    Journal intime menstruel

    Sarah Bisson, Mme L'Ovary

    An indispensable tool for observing and understanding your menstrual cycle!

    Because periods are much more than premenstrual symptoms, this gently humorous diary will be an indispensable ally for every woman wanting to live in harmony with her menstrual cycle. Divided into two parts, the book first presents key information [...]

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  • ORGASMS À LA CARTE - Interactive erotic adventures for intrepid women readers


    Orgasmes à la carte

    Anne-Marie Dupras

    While this book heats up the atmosphere, it is not dangerous for the environment and contributes to the preservation of moist environments!

    In this at once playful and shameless book, female readers are invited to experience, following their own imaginations,the erotic situations that arouse them. Borrowing the principle of “books in which you are the hero”, where you choose what [...]

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  • Questions on Sex for Modern Couples

    Questions on Sex for Modern Couples

    Questions sexuelles pour couples actuels

    Geneviève Parent

    A couple's sex life and love life cannot be separated. Based on principles of mutual understanding and self-knowledge, this book invites couple seeking greater sexual intimacy to rediscover what unites them rather than what separates them. The [...]

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  • Harmonious Intimacy - The key to interpersonal and sexual fulfilment

    Harmonious Intimacy

    L'intimité harmonieuse

    Geneviève Parent

    Unlike other books on sexuality, this one doesn't try to offer recipes to stimulate desire, reach orgasm or transform us into sexual athletes in order to meet some social standard. Placing the emphasis firmly on interpersonal skills rather than [...]

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  • The Wonderful Story of Childbirth

    The Wonderful Story of Childbirth

    L'histoire merveilleuse de la naissance

    Jocelyne Robert

    The fascinating but often confusing links between sexuality, love and procreation have always raised questions that each generation has tried to answer. This book is for all children, from one to 100 years old – the infant in discovery mode, the [...]

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  • Assert Yourself

    Assert Yourself

    Te laisse pas faire

    Jocelyne Robert

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  • Sex to the Max

    Sex to the Max

    Full sexuel

    Jocelyne Robert

    40 000 copies sold in French

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