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  • Fair Trade Around the World - A Human Journey

    Fair Trade Around the World

    Le tour du monde équitable

    Éric St-Pierre

    English language edition available

    This book of photographs and texts is the most complete work yet produced on fair trade. In it are presented fourteen different fair trade products (coffee, tea, cacao, sugar, rice, cotton, shea butter, bananas, spices, quinoa, guarana, wine, soccer [...]

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  • The Gaspé Peninsula Seen from Above

    The Gaspé Peninsula Seen from Above

    La Gaspésie vue du ciel

    Henri Dorion, Pierre Lahoud

    It's only when doing the traditional «tour of the Gaspé» that travellers discover this country within a country. But how many of them have flown over it and discovered its secret landscapes? In addition to celebrating the originality of this [...]

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