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Spirituality / Spiritualité

  • Femininity & Ayurveda - The art of living, plants, recipes, and well-being rituals

    Femininity & Ayurveda

    Féminité & Ayurveda

    Krystine St-Laurent

    Honouring your femininity and stimulating your energy through Ayurveda.

    Woman's nature is a gift: it is gentle, soothing, creative, fertile, affectionate, receptive and nurturing. However, in a society where masculinity rules, where the values of efficiency and productivity predominate, the strength innate in every [...]

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  • The era of womanhood - Develop the power within you with Kundalini

    The era of womanhood

    L'ère du féminin

    Nicole Richard

    Discover the best techniques for women yearning to feel vitalized, safe, relaxed and in control of themselves.

    This book offers an innovative, pragmatic and inspiring approach to the concept of womanhood:?their strength, courage, abilities and vastness. It also encourages women to express their identity and unlimited capacities. The concepts and experiments [...]

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