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  • In Love and Happy Despite our Differences

    In Love and Happy Despite our Differences

    Amoureux et heureux malgré nos différences

    France Duval, François St Père

    When two unique beings decide to love each other, there is a world of differences they have to learn to deal with!

    So many elements define us: our personality, our temperament, our past experiences and even our genetics! No wonder the union of two people causes a few surprises, and even friction. For forming a couple means sharing our life with someone who, of [...]

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  • My Professional Transition - 5 Weeks to reorient myself

    My Professional Transition

    Ma reconversion professionnelle

    Anne-Caroline Lourmière

    You'd like to change your profession, but don't know how? Here's the antidote to professional stagnation!

    Designed as a practical guide, this book outlines a structured and gradual pathway that makes it easy to reorient yourself professionally all on your own. Self-evaluations, questionnaires and exploratory activities enable you to prepare your career [...]

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  • Survival Guide for Caregivers - Practical advice for giving care without burning out

    Survival Guide for Caregivers

    Guide de survie des proches aidants

    Michelle Arcand, Lorraine Brissette

    Yes, you can care for a loved one while conserving your energy!

    In Quebec, and many western countries, between 40 and 60 percent of the population take on the role of caregiver in a more or less intensive way. And these people are at risk of burnout. Being a caregiver is far from easy! As a starting point in [...]

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  • THE BIG BOOK OF SYNERGOLOGY - Decoding body language to improve relationships


    Le grand livre de la synergologie

    Philippe Turchet

    A revealing overview of all aspects of non-verbal communication!

    In the 1990s, Philippe Turchet created synergology, the study of non-verbal communication as a means of decoding body language, gestures, and emotions, and of detecting what is unspoken, while enhancing the quality of our communications. [...]

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  • IS AGING INESCAPABLE? - A doctor's thoughts on a little-understood process


    Vieillir est-il inéluctable ?

    Dr. Daniel Dufour

    Did you know that we all have within us the potential for eternity and the choice of aging or not?

    In our societies, aging is considered to be inescapable, a dogma supported by the materialist medicine largely practised today. But what if we had it all wrong? What if we could slow down aging, perhaps even do away with it entirely? This is what [...]

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  • MANIPULATORS ARE AMONG US - Illustrated edition

    MANIPULATORS ARE AMONG US - Illustrated edition

    Les manipulateurs sont parmi nous - Édition illustrée

    Isabelle Nazare-Aga

    The illustrated version of the best-seller designed to help you get the better of any manipulator!

    Behind such varied masks as kindness, seduction, generosity, or shyness, manipulators are skilled at making you feel guilty, communicating vaguely, casting doubt on your abilities, using flattery to achieve their ends, and posing as victims when [...]

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  • MANAGING YOUR DISAGREEMENTS AND DIFFERENCES - A tried-and-true way to create harmony in your surroundings


    Gérer ses différends et ses différences

    Danie Beaulieu

    A simple, original and effective programme for resolving conflicts.

    This book discusses the best way to settle conflicts with colleagues, friends, neighbours, life partners, parents, children, etc. The author's four-stage programme is designed to stop us all from handling disagreements with aggression, unhappiness, [...]

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  • The power of the emotions (new edition) - How to tell the real from the fake

    The power of the emotions (new edition)

    La puissance des émotions

    Michelle Larivey

    Fully understanding your emotions and living a happy life!

    Despite widespread belief, there is no danger in letting ourselves be guided by our emotions. On the contrary, to make choices that take into account our whole being, it's better to rely on what we feel, although it's still important to fully [...]

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  • The Weight of Sand - My 450 Days Held Hostage in the Sahara

    The Weight of Sand

    Le sablier

    Edith Blais

    The story of Canadian Edith Blais who was held hostage by a group of Islamic terrorists in Africa and escaped in 2020.

    January 2019: Canadian Edith Blais and her Italian friend Luca Tacchetto went missing in Africa, somewhere between Togo and Burkina Faso. Their families spent the next 15 months in agonizing worry without any news. March 2020: while the rest of the [...]

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  • I am Seeker After Gold - The mechanisms of communication and human relationships

    I am Seeker After Gold

    Je suis un chercheur d'or

    Guillaume Dulude

    You can significantly improve the effectiveness of your human interactions through training.

    We know we all need each other. We know we have to work in teams. We want to collaborate. We want to have influence. We want better, more satisfying relationships. Neuropsychology and experimental psychology have enabled us to identify the cognitive [...]

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  • Coping with Eco-Anxiety - and turning your eco-emotions into an engine for change

    Coping with Eco-Anxiety

    Apprivoiser l'écoanxiété

    Karine St-Jean

    This positive book will make you stop feeling powerless in the face of climate change.

    Have you ever felt a knot in your stomach when reading an article on receding Antarctic glaciers? Do you feel a sense of urgency when you see the long lines of cars at rush hour, with their gas emissions visible in the morning air? If so, you're not [...]

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  • Maintaining my Energy as a Caregiver - A guide to preventing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma

    Maintaining my Energy as a Caregiver

    Entretenir ma vitalité d'aidant

    Pascale Brillon

    People in the helping professions are exhausted; this book reaches out a hand to them. A highly topical book.

    You're a psychologist, social worker, doctor, or therapist. You're a first responder, an intervenor, an informal caregiver. You help, you support, you advise, you're there in a crisis when there's no one else, when everything seems to be falling [...]

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  • Our Kind of Adulthood—Does It Make Sense for Our Kids and Is It What They Want?

    Our Kind of Adulthood—Does It Make Sense for Our Kids and Is It What They Want?

    Notre façon d'être adulte fait-elle sens et envie pour les jeunes?

    Thomas d'Ansembourg

    Non-violent communication with our teenagers

    Twenty years after the huge best seller Stop Being Nice, Be Real (nearly one million copies sold and translated into more than 20 languages), comes a new book from specialist in non- violent communication Thomas d'Ansembourg. “Young people don't [...]

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  • Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real! - 20th Anniversary Edition

    Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real!

    Cessez d'être gentil, soyez vrai ! Édition 20e anniversaire

    Thomas d'Ansembourg

    Half a million copies of the first edition sold in harcover in French, translated into 19 languages !

    In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our beloved Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real, we are publishing a new edition of the title, to be published this fall as well ! In this special anniversary edition, Thomas d'Ansembourg's has added an [...]

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  • Manipulators are Among Us - A BOX OF CARDS - Learn how to talk back and stop being manipulated

    Manipulators are Among Us - A BOX OF CARDS

    Boîtier - Les manipulateurs sont parmi nous

    Isabelle Nazare-Aga

    Developing the art of counter-manipulation to free yourself from the influence of manipulators: a playful and practical box of cards, by the leading expert on manipulation and author of bestsellers that have sold half a million copies!

    How do you react when someone disparages you, discredits you, makes you feel guilty, blackmails or threatens you? Are you taken aback? Aggressive? Do you run away? Do you tend to justify yourself? If so, do you feel bad? Helpless and powerless? Or [...]

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  • The Last Walk - Grieving the loss of my pet

    The Last Walk

    La dernière promenade

    Florence Meney

    We cherish them so much… A book that explores how we grieve the loss of a pet and offers a broader reflection on the place of animals in our society.

    Pets are an integral part of life in many homes and are companions we often have very meaningful relationships with. So their death is a source of sadness and even deep distress for many of us. This sometimes misunderstood and solitary grief is what [...]

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  • The Bonhâme Approach - Developing the body's wisdom

    The Bonhâme Approach

    L'approche Bonhâme

    Nathalie Hamelin

    An effective approach for experiencing the link between science, gesture, words, the soul and the body, and for liberating yourself from the feeling of being imprisoned in your body and your mind.

    Sooner or later, everyone wants to live the life that is their own, a life in which you find joy in your heart by freeing yourself from the unconscious chains that interfere with your right to exist. What could be better than creating your own [...]

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  • Succeeding In Your Career Without Wearing Yourself Out - A practical and Machiavellian guide to workplace success

    Succeeding In Your Career Without Wearing Yourself Out

    Réussir sa carrière sans s'éreinter

    Simon Lord

    Instructive and entertaining, this guide clearly describes the unfair and manipulative tactics that run rife in some corporate offices.

    Maybe you believe that the key to climbing the ladder at work is simply to be more competent or qualified than your peers? Well, that's not the case: in reality, all you have to dois understand and use the most devious machinations to move up the [...]

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  • My Work Is Hurting Me - And I've decided to bounce back

    My Work Is Hurting Me

    J'ai mal à mon travail

    Monique Soucy

    A guide for those who are dissatisfied with their job and want tomake the switch to inspiring and creative work.

    Does the title of this book speak to you? If so, it's possible that fears are paralyzing you and that you've become a master of self-sabotage, the most common causes of stagnation in an unsatisfying job. Lack of recognition of your talents and weak [...]

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  • A brief communication code

    A brief communication code

    Petit code de la communication

    Yves St-Arnaud

    Everything you need to know to prevent communication road accidents.

    This book puts the results of thirty years of research on the psychology of human relations within reach of everyone.It's a practical book, complemented by many dialogues evoking scenes of daily life. The car-driving analogy illustrates how to be a [...]

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