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  • The Last Walk - Grieving the loss of my pet

    The Last Walk

    La dernière promenade

    Florence Meney

    We cherish them so much… A book that explores how we grieve the loss of a pet and offers a broader reflection on the place of animals in our society.

    Pets are an integral part of life in many homes and are companions we often have very meaningful relationships with. So their death is a source of sadness and even deep distress for many of us. This sometimes misunderstood and solitary grief is what [...]

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  • The Bonhâme Approach - Developing the body's wisdom

    The Bonhâme Approach

    L'approche Bonhâme

    Nathalie Hamelin

    An effective approach for experiencing the link between science, gesture, words, the soul and the body, and for liberating yourself from the feeling of being imprisoned in your body and your mind.

    Sooner or later, everyone wants to live the life that is their own, a life in which you find joy in your heart by freeing yourself from the unconscious chains that interfere with your right to exist. What could be better than creating your own [...]

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  • Succeeding In Your Career Without Wearing Yourself Out - A practical and Machiavellian guide to workplace success

    Succeeding In Your Career Without Wearing Yourself Out

    Réussir sa carrière sans s'éreinter

    Simon Lord

    Instructive and entertaining, this guide clearly describes the unfair and manipulative tactics that run rife in some corporate offices.

    Maybe you believe that the key to climbing the ladder at work is simply to be more competent or qualified than your peers? Well, that's not the case: in reality, all you have to dois understand and use the most devious machinations to move up the [...]

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  • My Work Is Hurting Me - And I've decided to bounce back

    My Work Is Hurting Me

    J'ai mal à mon travail

    Monique Soucy

    A guide for those who are dissatisfied with their job and want tomake the switch to inspiring and creative work.

    Does the title of this book speak to you? If so, it's possible that fears are paralyzing you and that you've become a master of self-sabotage, the most common causes of stagnation in an unsatisfying job. Lack of recognition of your talents and weak [...]

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  • A brief communication code

    A brief communication code

    Petit code de la communication

    Yves St-Arnaud

    Everything you need to know to prevent communication road accidents.

    This book puts the results of thirty years of research on the psychology of human relations within reach of everyone.It's a practical book, complemented by many dialogues evoking scenes of daily life. The car-driving analogy illustrates how to be a [...]

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  • Better Understanding the Midlife Crisis

    Better Understanding the Midlife Crisis

    Bien vivre la crise de la quarantaine

    Judith Petitpas

    Enjoying the second half of your life with peace of mind!

    Far from being a long quiet river, midlife is an intense and unsettling period. Wrinkles begin to show, menopause and andropause make their appearance, childhood dreams fadeaway, children leave the nest and parents grow older and die. All these [...]

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  • Reinventing Yourself Through Personal Strategic Planning

    Reinventing Yourself Through Personal Strategic Planning

    Se réinventer grâce à la planification stratégique personnelle

    Danie Beaulieu

    An essential book for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.

    Personal strategic planning is a programme of exercises to help you examine your life and activities from all angles, so as to see where you are and what you have to do to reach your goals. This programme may cause you to feel a burst of enthusiasm, [...]

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  • Olympians at Work - The mental preparation of champions applied to the world of work

    Olympians at Work

    L'olympien au bureau

    Jean François Ménard, Marie Malchelosse

    Make your dreams come true by adopting a winning attitude.

    In an ever more precarious, unpredictable and complex labour market, achieving work objectives depends on developing everyone's full potential. There's no getting around it—you have to be at the top of your game to succeed in this competitive world, [...]

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  • Difficult personalities in the workplace - How to supervise and work effectively with them

    Difficult personalities in the workplace

    Les personnalités particulières au travail

    Monique Bessette, Marie-Christine Gran

    An essential book for anyone dealing with a difficult personality in the workplace.

    Sooner or later, managers, human resources advisors, bosses and colleagues find themselves dealing with an employee with a difficult personality. As the months go by, managers caught in this situation start to notice a decline in empathy, a lack of [...]

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  • PARENTS OF ADULTS - Fostering a mature relationship in order to stay close


    La relation entre les adultes et leurs parents

    Sylvie Galland

    Rich relationships that are strengthened,not weakened, by time.

    The relationship between parents and children or adolescents is analyzed in thousands of books, but the subject of the relationship that continues into adulthood is seldom touched on. Yet, it is a source of anxieties and difficulties. Sylvie [...]

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    Changer avec la psychothérapie

    Monique Brillon

    How does it Work?

    Everyone has heard about psychotherapy, but few people know how it works. How can meeting regularly with a psychotherapist cause people to change their perception of themselves, improve their relationships with others, overcome depression or be less [...]

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  • The pathway to meaning - Achieving self-fulfillment in an uncertain world

    The pathway to meaning

    La Route du sens

    Jean-Louis Drolet

    Understanding yourself better to drive away boredom, frustration and the sense of emptiness

    What can we do when we feel our lives are losing their meaning? In this book, psychologist Jean-Claude Drolet suggests an approach that is surprisingly pragmatic, and yet is an invaluable tool for putting our priorities “in the right place”. This [...]

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  • Keeping Pace with Transitions - Tools and strategies to better cope with change

    Keeping Pace with Transitions

    Au rythme des transitions

    Annie Richard, Nicolas Beffort, Annie Germain

    Innovative strategies for managing life transitions in harmony with our essence, natural rhythm and innermost longings

    Among the significant experiences, changes in direction, failures and opportunities that lead us from one situation to another in our lives, we take some in stride, whereas others are unsettling. Do you sometimes have the impression you're losing [...]

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  • Life after Survival - Regaining control of your life after a sexual assault

    Life after Survival

    Vivre après avoir survécu

    Geneviève Parent

    A touch of hope and practical tools for moving past the pain and regaining full control of your life

    Sexual assault is one of the worst ordeals possible. If the victim has been assaulted by someone she knows and had confidence in, she experiences a profound feeling of betrayal and suffers many long-term consequences as a result of this trauma. If [...]

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    Un zeste d'éternité

    Jacques Salomé

    75 original texts lead us deep into the universe of Jacques Salomé

    Life may have stolen Jacques Salomé's power of speech, but the intensity of his message remains unchanged. He feels more than ever the urgency of passing on what he has learned, his beliefs, his tenderness. Communication, romantic relationships, [...]

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  • We Don't Know What the Past Holds for Us - Écrire sa vie pour la comprendre

    We Don't Know What the Past Holds for Us

    On ne sait pas ce que le passé nous réserve

    André Gervais

    Writing our life story in order to understand it.

    This book is a tool designed for people who want to reflect on their lives, identify what has affected and influenced them, understand their destiny and eventually pass on, as an autobiography, their discoveries to those close to them. Through [...]

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  • Champion in Your Head - Performance psychology in sports and life - Revised edition

    Champion in Your Head

    Champion dans la tête

    Francois Ducasse, Makis Chamalidis

    A travelling companion you'll want to consult at work, during fitness training or before an important meeting!
    > 15 000 copies of the previous edition sold.

    This book, the fruit of long experience in high-level sports, is dedicated to the “mind” and the journey of those exceptional people called “champions”. Based on many examples, this foray into the universe of sport will encourage readers to follow [...]

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  • The Family - Quite some Business! - Concrete strategies for harmonious relationships

    The Family - Quite some Business!

    La famille, une sacrée entreprise!

    Nicolas Beffort, Annie Germain, Annie Richard

    A new self-coaching series!

    Coaching experts suggest we look at the family as a “human development” business working toward a common goal. Throughout its journey, every family evolves according to the changes experienced by each of its members. As parents, we may sometimes [...]

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  • REACHING YOUR ZONE OF EXCELLENCE - A guide to performing under pressure


    Atteindre sa zone d'excellence

    Claude Webster

    A toolbox for achieving the performance you dream of!

    Who hasn't dreamt at one time of having the determination, calm and self-control of a Céline Dion, a Rafael Nadal, or a Yo-Yo Ma in situations of extreme pressure? The quest for this internal state is the purpose of this book; it wants to awaken [...]

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  • Things to Tell You

    Things to Tell You

    Des choses à vous dire

    Jacques Salomé

    A superbly illustrated collection, nothing less
    than an ode to the poetry of life.

    From love to all of human experience, from beauty to tenderness, touching on couples, families, death and pleasure... This book contains a superb collection of short pieces drawn from Jacques Salomé's writings, and reveals, through fifty or so [...]

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