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  • Rethinking Pain - Just because you're in pain doesn't mean you have to suffer!

    Rethinking Pain

    La douleur repensée

    Gaétan Brouillard

    The new book by the author of the bestseller Rethinking Health!

    The main reason for visits to doctors' offices, pain can interfere with our lives in different ways and upset our daily routine. When it becomes chronic, it can literally poison our existence and undermine our morale. This book aims to propose [...]

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  • MY BRAIN NEEDS GLASSES - ADHD explained to children


    Mon cerveau a besoin de lunettes

    Annick Vincent

    Two practical guides for understanding and living with attention deficit disorder, with or
    without hyperactivity.

    70 000 copies already sold!
    English edition available

    ADHD, characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, appears in childhood. More than half of the children it affects continue to show symptoms in adolescence and adulthood. Everyone affected needs to have access to good tools. [...]

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  • Freeing the Voice - A training guide for singing and speaking

    Freeing the Voice

    Libérer sa voix

    Hélène Parent

    Get the most out of your voice and improve every aspect of your communication.

    A practical guide for anyone wishing to improve his or her singing or speaking voice, this book presents a short theoretical overview of the anatomy of the voice, followed by advice on vocal hygiene, as well as a complete array of exercises for [...]

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  • Yoga for Seniors - Preventing Falls

    Yoga for Seniors

    Yoga tout 2

    Carole Morency

    You really can regain strength and energy to prevent falls!

    30% of people 65 and over will have a fall during the year; this percentage rises to 50% in people 80 and over. A constant concern for seniors, preventing falls is the main theme of this book. The yoga poses suggested are designed to restore the [...]

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    Manger pour garder un cerveau jeune

    Louise Thibault

    Because a well-nourished brain ages better!

    We are living longer and longer...but is it possible to age “better”? We worry about the firmness of our skin, the suppleness of our body, but what strategies do we put in place to preserve a lively and healthy brain throughout our lives? What can [...]

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  • Finding Balance with Belly Massage - An oriental view of health

    Finding Balance with Belly Massage

    Massage du ventre et philosophie orientale pour tous

    Noémie Gélinas

    An invitation to discover the oriental philosophy of health,
    right in your own belly...

    Through the oriental philosophy of health, this book lets you discover your belly in all its glory! Drawing on traditional Chinese medicine, which views the body as an “energy system”, it will show you the unsuspected linkages that connect the [...]

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  • On the Menu for Those 65 and Older

    On the Menu for Those 65 and Older

    Au menu des 65 ans et plus

    Louise Lambert-Lagacé, Josée Thibodeau

    Eating well to live better at 65, 75, and even 85!

    Is it true that our taste buds become less sensitive as we age? That we should eat less? To get the most out of life as we grow older, it's important to rethink our diets and make appropriate nutritional changes. Specialists in nutrition, the [...]

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  • Exercises That Heal, Volume 3 - Preventing and treating sports-related injuries

    Exercises That Heal, Volume 3

    Les exercices qui vous soignent - Tome 3

    Jean Drouin, Denis Pedneault, Roberto Poirier

    Practice your favourite sports activities while reducing the risk of injury? This is the first collection of exercises and warm-ups adapted to the most popular sports!

    There is no doubt that there is more and more support for sports activities in terms of equipment, infrastructure, regulations, and coaching. However, the physical preparation (warm-up), post-exercise recovery (stretching) and conditioning [...]

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  • You Are Not Alone - The cancer experience: women speak out

    You Are Not Alone

    Tu n'es pas seule

    Dominique Lanctôt

    A source of inspiration and hope to make you feel less alone.

    You Are Not Alone is a collection of first-person accounts by 18 women who have lived through the ordeal of cancer. They have all experienced a painful face-to-face encounter with their mortality, and each has called into question her values and [...]

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  • The Alzheimer Mystery - Supportive care, the path of affection and compassion

    The Alzheimer Mystery

    Le mystère Alzheimer - Nouvelle édition

    Marie Gendron

    Changing our view of Alzheimer's disease and the people living with it.

    Whether by chance in our daily lives or following the shock of a diagnosis, Alzheimer's disease raises a multitude of questions for people trying to support those afflicted. With humanity, clarity and precision, Marie Gendron offers responses to all [...]

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  • 75 THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES FOR MOTHERS-TO-BE - Prevent and soothe pain and discomfort related to pregnancy and the postnatal period


    75 exercices thérapeutiques pour future maman

    Émilie Fecteau

    Recommendations for physical activity during pregnancy have changed a good deal in recent years and now include several weekly sessions of weight and cardiovascular training: movement is an integral part of the health of the mother-to-be and her [...]

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  • REIMAGINING HEALTH - Stop looking for the miracle pill; change your behaviour


    La santé repensée

    Gaétan Brouillard

    Let's look for the causes of our illnesses, but, more importantly, let's find new keys to good health!

    40 000 copies sold in the first 6 months, in Québec alone!

    Too often and for too long, people have sought ready-made recipes for their ailments, both in terms of diagnoses and cures. Yet this quest for the “miracle pill” is an illusion, especially for treating chronic diseases. Each person is unique, with [...]

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  • Exercises that Heal, Volume 2 - Posture Problems

    Exercises that Heal, Volume 2

    Les exercices qui vous soignent - Tome 2

    Roberto Poirier, Jean Drouin, Denis Pedneault

    Exercises to correct posture problems and say good-bye to the pain and physical limitations associated with them.

    Posture that does not respect body mechanics can result in tension, discomfort, pain, chronic inflammation, a weakening of muscles and physical limitations. In this fully illustrated book, three health professionals with complementary know-how [...]

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  • Facial Gymnastics

    Facial Gymnastics

    La gymnastique faciale

    Catherine Pez

    A program of simple exercices can help firm and tone the facial muscles, smooth the skin and prevent the spread of wrinkles. A few minutes of facial gymnastics daily may be easier than plastic surgery.

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  • Stress-Free Childbirth

    Stress-Free Childbirth

    Accoucher sans stress avec la méthode Bonapace

    Julie Bonapace

    The Bonapace Method is a childbirth preparation technique designed for couples. Based on discoveries in neurophysiology, this approach helps reduce the number of medical interventions by teaching the couple to manage the pain of childbirth, so that [...]

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  • The Vitamin D Myth - Setting the Record Straight on Hormones

    The Vitamin D Myth

    Le mythe de la vitamine D

    Sylvie Demers

    Vitamin D: Miracle vitamin? A provocative book that finally sheds light on this question.

    Vitamin D is the object of unprecedented fascination and studies about it are multiplying at lightning speed. Every possible benefit is attributed to it: prevention of infections and osteoporosis, lower incidence of heart disease and cancer, better [...]

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  • Feed Your Brain

    Feed Your Brain

    Nourrir son cerveau

    Louise Thibault

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  • When Your Body Just Does What It Feels Like - Find out what's driving you to eat

    When Your Body Just Does What It Feels Like

    Quand le corps n'en fait qu'à sa tête

    Louise Thibault

    A book that shakes up preconceived ideas about nutrition and overweight, by a specialist in brain function!

    Why is it so hard, even impossible, to lose weight and especially to stay slim? What's going on in the body and brain of a person who loses weight and a person who gains it? Why do excess weight and obesity win out, even though we are literally [...]

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  • Sports and Nutrition during and after Pregnancy

    Sports and Nutrition during and after Pregnancy

    Sport et nutrition pendant et après la grossesse

    Mélanie Olivier, Élise Hofer

    You want to be an active mom, but you dont know which activities might entail risk for your baby during pregnancy? Youre an athletic woman and you want to keep moving, while still making sure your baby gets everything it needs? Whether youre a [...]

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  • Healer of Cancer: The Power of the Mind

    Healer of Cancer: The Power of the Mind

    Le pouvoir anticancer des émotions

    Christian Boukaram

    15000 copies sold in Québec in 6 months!

    “New scientific research shows us that cancer is an environmental disease. That environment is not limited to the air we breathe and the electromagnetic waves that surround us. That environment is that of our cells. We are their environment.” One [...]

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