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Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme - Tome 6 Ça déménage

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France, Germany, Portugal.

One of the biggest hits in Quebec literature! 8 volumes, a million copies sold, 2 successful teen movies.

Aurélie Laflamme is a 14-year-old girl—a bit shy, pretty funny and very clumsy—who feels like she's been left behind on Earth by some extraterrestrials after an intergalactic journey! Aurélie is still grieving the loss of her father. Her sense of humor and her determination helped her overcome this ordeal. But once you turn 14, a whole new range of explosive emotions inevitably show up to complicate your life. With humor and sensitivity Aurélie faces the hazards of teen life, such as friendship (and the sacrifices she must make to preserve it); academic success (loaded with obstacles, especially when you have the feeling they've transplanted squirrel synapses into your brain by mistake), the desire to see her mother find a boyfriend who's good for her and of course, love. The Diary of Aurélie Laflamme is the story of an ordinary teenager in search of her place in the universe.


Before celebrating her sixteenth birthday, Aurélie has a whole list of things to get done: finish her senior year (mandatory for getting into a good university), find a job (mandatory according to her mother), pack (mandatory according to the movers) and above all, remain calm. Moreover, she has to mentally prepare for a few days of camping (an activity she hates) with her grandparents. But what if she decided to actually stay there and learn to live totally in the wild? After all, despite the presence of potentially dangerous animals, the lack of Internet connection and the existence of a few really giant spiders, the great outdoors can be beneficial to just about anyone (especially if you want to get really far away from a new home you didn't ever really want to inhabit...). Even if big-time changes are sometimes terrifying, it's time for Aurélie to stow away her fears, pack up her troubles and look forward to the future. See complete product information (French)
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14.95 $ CAD
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April 2015
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320 pages


India Desjardins

India Desjardins

India Desjardins loves chocolate, doesn't like having to move to
a new home, has invented lots of reasons not to go camping,
makes at least three mistakes a day and has a completely uncontrollable
brain. Here, the comparison ends with Aurélie Laflamme.
Following a ten-year career in journalism, the author
began doing what she most likes to do: writing fiction. Le journal
d'Aurélie Laflamme is written for teenagers, an audience that
she particularly likes. Her book Le Noël de Marguerite (illustrations
by Pascal Blanchet) won the prestigious 2014 Ragazzi
award for fiction at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. See full author information (French)

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