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L'olympien au bureau
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Olympians at Work

The mental preparation of champions applied to the world of work

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L'olympien au bureau La préparation mentale des grands athlètes transposée au monde du travail

Make your dreams come true by adopting a winning attitude.

In an ever more precarious, unpredictable and complex labour market, achieving work objectives depends on developing everyone's full potential. There's no getting around it—you have to be at the top of your game to succeed in this competitive world, where only the best will do! Managing stress, coping with pressure, adapting to change, keeping up the pace, demonstrating resilience, taking on major workloads (familiar to us all) and working effectively as a team are just a few of the abilities that all workers now have to acquire in order to find their place in the sun. To guide us through this crazy world, Jean-François Ménard, in collaboration with Marie Malchelosse, describes and analyzes the experiences of Olympic athletes and champions, Cirque du Soleil artists and top-level business people. What do they have in common? They have developed their psychological skills and mental strength. Thanks to the experiences and anecdotes presented in the book, readers gain privileged access to the universe of high-level competitors and can draw inspiration from their exceptional performances. This book holds the key to greater excellence for us all.


 •    Written in a lively style, since the authors are describing the adventures and methods of great athletes and artists.
 •    A sharing of actual experiences and explanations to enable improvement.
 •    A great deal of practical advice about succeeding at work. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
October 2019
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
272 pages


Jean François Ménard

Jean François Ménard

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

Marie Malchelosse

Marie Malchelosse

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

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