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La consommation dont vous êtes le z'héros
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Responsible consumption : Be a zero hero

A beginner's practical guide to zero waste living

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La consommation dont vous êtes le z'héros Petit guide pratique pour s'initier au mode de vie zéro déchet

Toward a zero waste, 100% fun lifestyle!

The zero-waste lifestyle is gaining ground worldwide. Faced with this trend, you, of course, tell yourself that you would be considered a better human being if you did this too ... but you don't know how? You admire the efforts of those who produce less than one litre of waste a year, but honestly, you're miles away from even approaching this goal, and the very idea of doing away with all the packing products in your life terri es you? Perfect! This book was especially written for you, and you will most de nitely and quickly be- come the hero!

Through the six very simple stages of a fun and straight- forward programme, friendly expert Florence-Le´a Siry offers a hand to all those with good intentions, but who don't know where to start. Her goal: to help you change your consumption habits and, without issuing orders, encourage you to reduce your waste by means of simple initiatives that you can adopt at your own speed. Using humour and confessional anecdotes to keep you from feeling guilty, this guide full of tips, recipes and out-of-the-ordinary DIY projects encourages you to incorporate into your daily life small actions that will make you the responsible consumption zero hero YOU want to be! An innovative guide, 100% fun and guaranteed painless.

Strong points
  • A straightforward, flexible, no-guilt approach to zero-waste living, making it fully doable and realistic for everyone.
  • Recipes for household products and simple DIY projects that emphasize the practical and fun side of zero waste. 
  • A multitude of tips and tricks to help everyone adopt the approach bit by bit and adapt it to suit their needs.
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29.95 $ CAD
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October 2018
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168 pages


Florence Léa Siry

Florence Léa Siry

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