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Le bonheur est-il hormonal ?
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Is happiness hormonal ?

Learn how sex hormones pull the strings to control your well-being

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Le bonheur est-il hormonal ? Découvrez comment les hormones sexuelles tirent les ficelles de votre bien-être

Say it out loud: hormones are good for your health!

This book is the fruit of over twenty-five years of research on the impact of hormones on our lives.
Sometimes going against what some doctors believe, Dr. Marie-Andre´e Champagne sets the record straight as to the role hormones play in our quality of life in general and, as a result, in happiness.
Written for men as well as women, this book explains what sex hormones are, as well as their many effects on the body, brain and mood. The author describes several cases encountered in her practice and offers clear answers to her patients' most frequent questions. She discusses in detail the hormonal phases of an adult's life (premenopause, perimenopause, menopause and andropause), providing all the information necessary to enable everyone to experience these stages with serenity and improve their quality of life. Because yes ... happiness is also hormonal!

Strong points
  • The author's vast experience enables her to make scientific theory understandable to non-experts and to base her information on many clinical cases.
  • Based on careful research, Dr. Champagne presents the most up-to-date information on hormone therapy.
  • A lengthy chapter deals with the perimenopause, which affects many women without their being aware of the hormonal roots of their symptoms.
  • Men's health is also given full attention in this book.
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October 2018
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248 pages


Marie-Andrée Champagne

Marie-Andrée Champagne

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