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Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme - Tome 9
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Aurélie Laflamme's Diary - Volume 9

Flying solo

Original Title

Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme - Tome 9 Voler de ses propres ailes

With two million copies sold in French, translations into five languages and two film adaptations ...
Aurélie Laflamme is back!

Surprised and touched by a petition signed by hundreds of readers, both male and female, asking her to continue the adventures of her famous and engaging character, India Desjardins has decided to answer the call of her fans and create new adventures for Aure´lie.

The story takes place five years after the graduation dance. Aure´lie is now 22. She is moving into a new apartment and trying to find her niche in her new job. After wanting to get her feet back on the ground, Aure´lie now wants to take off and fly solo...

Strong points
  • Although the character of Aure´lie has grown older, this book will still appeal to young readers and has something for everyone.
  • The Aure´lie Laflamme series as a whole deals with problems typical of adolescence (and early adulthood) in a non-moralizing and non-vulgar way. It presents young people with an accurate reflection of what they are and makes them want to believe in the future. These are books you can confidently give to anyone!
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14.95 $ CAD
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October 2018
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408 pages


India Desjardins

India Desjardins

India Desjardins loves chocolate, doesn't like having to move to
a new home, has invented lots of reasons not to go camping,
makes at least three mistakes a day and has a completely uncontrollable
brain. Here, the comparison ends with Aurélie Laflamme.
Following a ten-year career in journalism, the author
began doing what she most likes to do: writing fiction. Le journal
d'Aurélie Laflamme is written for teenagers, an audience that
she particularly likes. Her book Le Noël de Marguerite (illustrations
by Pascal Blanchet) won the prestigious 2014 Ragazzi
award for fiction at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. See full author information (French)

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