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Mon cerveau a besoin de lunettes
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ADHD explained to children

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Mon cerveau a besoin de lunettes Le TDAH expliqué aux enfants

Two practical guides for understanding and living with attention deficit disorder, with or
without hyperactivity.

70 000 copies already sold!
English edition available

ADHD, characterized by inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, appears in childhood. More than half of the children it affects continue to show symptoms in adolescence and adulthood. Everyone affected needs to have access to good tools. The scientific information contained in these new publications is based on the most recent conclusive data. The tips and strategies to better manage ADHD
are accompanied by the latest advice, especially on subjects
like lifestyle, time management, space and emotions.

For children, the imaginary diary written by Tom, an eight year-old boy, is full of instructive information and useful tips. This fictional friend's funny and imaginative words, accompanied
and illustrated by attractive children's drawings, will help young readers better understand their situation – one with many challenges that are anything but imaginary.

By means of humorous illustrations and entertaining personal stories, adolescent and adult readers will learn more about the clinical symptoms, scientific literature and appropriate
treatments for ADHD. The section on drugs, which includes information on the various options available, helps readers decide whether or not drugs are needed and manage
adjustments so as to optimize their daily well-being.

An invaluable tool for anyone with ADHD, no matter what their age!

Strong points

Solid scientific research, simply presented, easy to follow and straightforward, that everyone can understand.

A lively format and amusing illustrations that make each book more inviting and more enjoyable.

Readers can easily identify with the stories of people living with ADHD.

A multitude of tips and practical advice to help all affected individuals deal more effectively with the challenges they face. See complete product information (French)
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19.95 $ CAD
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August 2017
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56 pages


Annick Vincent

Annick Vincent

Psychiatrist Annick Vincent developed her expertise working with adults affected by mood disorders and ADHD. An experienced public speaker, she has been very active in transmitting information on attention disorders to medical colleagues, healthcare workers and the public. See full author information (French)

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