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Défis rigolos et astuces de pro
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Little games for everyday learning, for children aged 4 to 6

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Défis rigolos et astuces de pro Petits jeux pour pour apprendre au quotidien, pour les enfants de 4 à 6 ans

Practical tools to help children develop their full potential!

How can we help children build more harmonious relationships with those around them? How can we give them the tools to deal with conflicts? How can we instil the idea of sharing and develop their sense of teamwork? How can we teach them to channel their overflowing energy and manage their emotions? How can we accompany them down the road to independence and make sure they have solid self-esteem, without spoiling them too much? How can we help them look forward enthusiastically to starting school? How can we handle unsuitable behaviour and appropriately reward their efforts?

Learning to manage their own emotions
Encouraging independence
Maintaining harmonious relationships
Paving the way for learning in school
Improving motor skills and learning to channel their energy
Promoting self-esteem
Changing inappropriate behaviour

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The child's overall development : Emotional, social, intellectual, psychomotor and moral development
Chapter 2: The essentials of intervention
Chapter 3: A few basic ways to intervene
Chapter4: Professional tips for everyday
Chapter 5: Ideas and advice

Strong points

Clear presentation of the various stages of child development.
Answers basic questions about child development and how to support the child as he develops.
A dynamic book whose practical approach enables parents to apply the theories of education specialists on a daily basis.
Tools whose simple construction is explained step by step using coloured photographs.
Humorous comments to help tone down difficult situations and assist in understanding theoretical concepts. See complete product information (French)
Price : 
22.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
February 2015
Category : 
Family & Parenting
Pages : 
136 pages


Ève Ménard

Ève Ménard

A special education technician, Ève Ménard has approximately fifteen years of experience in schools, working with children who are coping with behaviour, developmental or language problems. Fascinated by everything to do with childhood and the mother of three young children, she works tirelessly to make parent-child relationships less mysterious, calmer and more harmonious. With much humour, she suggests original tools that let everyone express themselves and, most importantly, reach their full potential! See full author information (French)

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