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Se réinventer grâce à la planification stratégique personnelle
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Reinventing Yourself Through Personal Strategic Planning

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Se réinventer grâce à la planification stratégique personnelle

An essential book for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life.

Personal strategic planning is a programme of exercises to help you examine your life and activities from all angles, so as to see where you are and what you have to do to reach your goals. This programme may cause you to feel a burst of enthusiasm, a bubbling up of creativity and a sense of power. To start with, you'll sign a contract with yourself in which you commit to making the most of your potential and your talents, while respecting your values. Then, you'll get back in touch with your deepest self and regain the ability to experience your passions and carry out your mission. By taking the time to complete the journey suggested by the author and do the required exercises, you'll create for yourself the most extraordinary future possible.

  • This self-coaching approach includes a mission statement, goals, exercises, tests, an assessment, suggestions, an organizational chart, etc.
  • A method that can be used by families, couples, or individuals.
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Price : 
29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
November 2019
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
248 pages


Danie Beaulieu

Danie Beaulieu

A doctor of psychology, Danie Beaulieu has taught in roughly fifteen countries in French, English and German. A lecturer and the author of 21 books and 10 booklets on personal growth, she has profoundly changed the practices of thousands of professionals worldwide and continues to inspire both parents and the general public. See full author information (French)

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