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La cuisine espagnole de Marie-Fleur
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Marie-Fleur's Spanish Cuisine

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La cuisine espagnole de Marie-Fleur

More than 100 recipes to take you on a tour of Spain right on your dinner plate!

Spanish gastronomy has everything you could look for, and chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre has mastered perfectly the art of doing it honour. In her third book, she puts her unrestrained talent at the service of this especially varied cuisine's flagship ingredients and suggests more than a hundred original, simple and colourful dishes by way of introduction. Aperitif bites, tapas, salads, cocas, big festive platters and small everyday plates as tasty as they are quick to make - you'll find everything you need to send your taste buds and your guests on a gastronomic journey! Piquillos stuffed with crab, fish ceviche with cream, turbot "à la braz", chorizo sausage with smoked eggplants, seafood salad, Spanish vol-au-vent, stuffed squid, duck breast with figs, paella, churros and Catalan creme…All you have to do is get on board and…unfasten your belt!

Strong points
- Superb recipe photos and many other photos shot in Spain, depicting the spirit of the culture and adding a depth of soul to the book.
- A very beautiful array of typically Spanish recipes, coupled with the subtlety of the young chef whose reputation in terms of originality is already well established.
- Simple recipes made from easy-to-find ingredients and that focus on the discovery of the flavours and the friendly spirit of Spanish cuisine.

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9.95 $ CAD
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October 2017
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240 pages


Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

Marie-Fleur St-Pierre has operated the Tapéo tapas bar for ten years and now runs Méson. The standard-bearer for culinary spontaneity, she shares her creative fantasy through public workshops and the many TV shows she participates in. See full author information (French)

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