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Ma vie avec un scientifique
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My Life with a Scientist


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Ma vie avec un scientifique La fertilité

A sensitive and humorous look at a too often taboo subject: the obstacle course some couples face to try and have a child

A couple with different personalities (she's emotional, he's pragmatic), but nonetheless sharing a strong bond, see their happiness tested the day they decide to move on to a new stage in their life together: starting a family. After several fruitless attempts, they turn to fertility treatments, with all the highs and lows the process can entail. We follow their adventures, inevitably coloured by their very different ways of seeing things.

Strong points:
-Through humour, the author and illustrator manage to translate into words and images a reality in which many couples feel isolated.
-The comic strip challenges certain taboos and throws into question the opinions and judgments we sometimes hear about the fertility process.
-Well-presented texts, finding the right balance between humour and emotion, and funny and touching illustrations.

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9.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2018
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80 pages


India Desjardins

India Desjardins

India Desjardins loves chocolate, doesn't like having to move to
a new home, has invented lots of reasons not to go camping,
makes at least three mistakes a day and has a completely uncontrollable
brain. Here, the comparison ends with Aurélie Laflamme.
Following a ten-year career in journalism, the author
began doing what she most likes to do: writing fiction. Le journal
d'Aurélie Laflamme is written for teenagers, an audience that
she particularly likes. Her book Le Noël de Marguerite (illustrations
by Pascal Blanchet) won the prestigious 2014 Ragazzi
award for fiction at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. See full author information (French)

Estelle Bachelard (Bach)

Estelle Bachelard (Bach)

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)


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