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Le psy-guide de la discipline
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The Survival Guide to Discipline

For children aged 0 to 10

Original Title

Le psy-guide de la discipline Pour les enfants de 0 à 10 ans

An essential guide written for parents for the well-being of their children!

An extremely clear and practical guide that gives you the keys to positive and caring discipline, applicable in all everyday situations. Politeness, bedtime routine, sibling conflicts, screen time, mealtime stresses and strains, etc. Psychologist Suzanne Vallières passes on winning tricks for living harmoniously with your children and encouraging them to be self-sufficient, while respecting their stage of development and individual needs.
How can I choose consequences adapted to my child's age? What are the most effective ways to motivate my child? How should I react to their tantrums? How do I handle discipline after a separation? You'll find the answers to all of these questions (and many others) by reading this guide!

Strong points
- In clear and easily understood language, the author presents simple solutions to complex problems.
- The scenarios are adapted to different age groups.
- Cases of children with more specific problems are covered: ADHD, anxiety, children with more confrontational or moodier personalities.
- The author demolishes a number of persistent myths about discipline and explains the impact of certain kinds of intervention on a child's brain development.
- Also covered is discipline in the contexts of separation and blended families.

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24.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
August 2017
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224 pages


Suzanne Vallières

Suzanne Vallières

Psychologist Suzanne Vallières offers the results of her eighteen years of experience with young people as a specialized trainer, therapist, lecturer and mother of three children. She regularly contributes to television programs. See full author information (French)

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