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J'ai failli y laisser mon âme
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It Almost Cost Me My Soul

Surviving war and post-traumatic stress disorder

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J'ai failli y laisser mon âme Survivre à la guerre et au trouble du stress post-traumatique

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Death on the front line: a doctor tells his story.

Thirty years after having worked as a surgeon and then as a medical coordinator, in the hottest spots on the planet (Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, the Thai-Kampuchean border, the Sabra and Chatila camps, Lebanon, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border), Dr. Dufour writes about the daily life of a doctor on the front line, the difficult environment in which he worked and the disturbing choices that resulted. In this book, he looks back on certain determining episodes in his life, explains the mechanism underlying his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and describes its devastating effects. Both a witness and a collateral victim of  human barbarity, it took him years to heal from the many traumas he underwent and he now wants to share his experience with those many people who continue to suffer in silence from this little-understood disease.

By describing the stages that took him from trauma to healing, Dr. Dufour delivers a powerful message of hope.

Strong points
- Anyone can be forced to deal with a traumatic event.
Some populations are even more likely to be faced with such events and to develop PTSD (veterans, police officers, fire-fighters, prison guards, victims of criminal violence, car accident victims, etc.). Yet no current treatment actually enables victims to recover from the disorder; the best they can do is limit its effects.
- A privileged eyewitness to extraordinary events, the author recounts little-known episodes in history, whose fragile heroes are child victims of famine, lepers, prisoners, refugees, the sick and the maimed.
- Precise, surgical writing that presents episodes of unvarnished cruelty, while emphasizing their inherent humanness, both the good and the bad. See complete product information (French)
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February 2016
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224 pages


Dr. Daniel Dufour

Dr. Daniel Dufour

A surgeon, and later a coordinator for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. Daniel Dufour carried out more than two thousand operations on people wounded in war. The founder of the OGE method – “the reverse of the ego” –, he now practises a holistic form of medicine in which the causes of the disease are treated as well as the symptoms
and has offered support to PTSD victims since 1987. See full author information (French)

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