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Au rythme des transitions
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Keeping Pace with Transitions

Tools and strategies to better cope with change

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Au rythme des transitions Outils et stratégies pour mieux vivre le changement

Innovative strategies for managing life transitions in harmony with our essence, natural rhythm and innermost longings

Among the significant experiences, changes in direction, failures and opportunities that lead us from one situation to another in our lives, we take some in stride, whereas others are unsettling. Do you sometimes have the impression you're losing your footing in the face of major upheavals in your daily life? This guide offers inspiring models and effective tools to reinforce your self-determination and your ability to let go in periods of transition. By doing this, you will get through the periods of indecision connecting the various segments of your life more effectively, without losing sight of your essence and your dreams. According to the authors, who are coaching experts, it's all a question of rhythm and adaptability to the varying nuances of stress. Through this book, you'll discover that, no matter what twists and turns your life takes, you can view these experiences as a natural process helping you to evolve.

Strong points:
-Passionate and engaged authors, who combine in this book their varied expertise to support the reader through the various stages of life.
-Many tools drawn from numerous approaches, including neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
-Innovative concepts and dynamic solutions to help readers manage changes: in particular, to find their "life mission" as a point of reference, become the "maestro of their own stress", discover their "delightful uncertainty" zone, and harmonize the various spheres in their lives to be both more stable and more flexible in periods of change.
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29.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2018
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
336 pages


Annie Richard

Annie Richard

Coming from the field of sports performance, Annie Richard holds a  Bachelor of Science in Education and is a professional coach. Her multidimensional approach and her role as a mother have led her into family coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. See full author information (French)

Nicolas Beffort

Nicolas Beffort

Nicolas Beffort is a professional coach and trainer in communications and NLP. Holder of an International Baccalaureate and a Masters in Communications, he has taught in Canada, Europe, Morocco and Japan. He has been an international consultant in a dozen countries and has managed several businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. See full author information (French)

Annie Germain

Annie Germain

An author, sexologist, coach, and lecturer, Anne Germain helps many families and businesses meet their challenges and achieve fulfilment. She has seventeen years of experience teaching teenagers. See full author information (French)


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