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Le tumulte amoureux
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Love's Turmoil

How being abandoned in childhood affects a couple

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Le tumulte amoureux Les effets de la blessure d'abandon sur le couple

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And what if the key to our love life lies within us?

Life as a couple is an unpredictable adventure. Partners bring with them their own backgrounds, experiences, qualities, strong points, beliefs and barriers. During the past thirty years, in the context of medical consultations, Dr. Daniel Dufour has realized that a great many people carry within them a deep wound, without being aware of it. There since childhood, the wound of abandonment reflects a feeling of not having been loved as much as we might have wished. Adults who carry this kind of wound inside them often begin a relationship with the deep-down conviction that they don't deserve to be loved. This belief brings with it many unconscious and automatic reactions that can undermine our emotional lives. Covering conflict, sexual and emotional dependency, and the search for unrealistic perfection, this book describes the various effects of the wound of abandonment on romantic relationships. Using real-life cases, the author shows us just how indispensable self-love is for all those who want to share their life with someone else. By changing our perspective on couples, he takes us into the very centre of ourselves, where the true key to a more fulfilled and more authentic love life is found.


Table of contents

1. “Abandonitis” and the wound of abandonment

2. The fear of being alone

3. The fear of committing to a relationship

4. Emotional dependency

5. The desire to please and to be loved at all costs

6. The fear of conflict

7. Conflict as a model of fulfillment

8. Discovering love during a break-up

9. The birth of a child triggering relationship problems

10. Sexual dependency

11. Searching for perfection in a couple relationship

12. Love and those suffering from abandonment anxiety


The book's strong points

— An approach to couple relationships centred first and foremost on self-knowledge.

—The idea of the wound of abandonment, one of the author's key concepts, is applied to romantic relationships.

—The book deals with several problems affecting couples in difficulty, especially dependency, commitment, conflict, sexuality, children. See complete product information (French)
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19.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
September 2014
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Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
184 pages


Dr. Daniel Dufour

Dr. Daniel Dufour

A surgeon, and later a coordinator for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. Daniel Dufour carried out more than two thousand operations on people wounded in war. The founder of the OGE method – “the reverse of the ego” –, he now practises a holistic form of medicine in which the causes of the disease are treated as well as the symptoms
and has offered support to PTSD victims since 1987. See full author information (French)

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