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Cessez d'être gentil soyez vrai - Édition illustrée
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Being with others while still being ourselves

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Cessez d'être gentil soyez vrai - Édition illustrée Être avec les autres en restant soi-même

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Germany, Russia, Korea & Spain

The bestseller that sold half a million copies, now in a condensed and illustrated edition!

40 000 copies sold in French in a year!

The message of Stop Being Nice – Be Real! is more relevant than ever. To make his ideas even more easily understood, the author decided to revise the text and add humorous illustrations. Condensed, simplified and more light-hearted, this new edition is the first step for all those who want to let go of their harmful habits and open themselves up to the
concepts of non-violent communication. We're often better at telling others a few home truths than at simply telling them the truth about ourselves. To buy recognition, acceptance or the illusion of comfort, we've gotten into the habit of being accommodating. We wear a mask, we play a role, we hide what's going on inside us. This separation from ourselves, which we impose on ourselves to get along with others, is the source of a spiral of violence.
Sooner or later, not listening to ourselves leads to not listening to others, just as not respecting ourselves leads to not respecting others. Becoming more aware of how we think and act, learning to recognize our needs and how to satisfy them by ourselves—this is how to defuse the mechanism of violence.

The book's strong points
- The basic principles are adapted for a younger readership
- A pragmatic approach, clear and accessible to everyone
- A completely revised text, with a playful tone that gives new life to classic psychology book
- The concepts are made easier to understand by means of a large number of examples and humorous illustrations
- A wide variety of advice that can be applied in daily life See complete product information (French)
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16.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
March 2014
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
152 pages


Thomas D'Ansembourg

Thomas D'Ansembourg

Trained in various psychotherapeutic approaches, notably Dr.
Marshall Rosenberg's method of Nonviolent Communication, Thomas D'Ansembourg is a training facilitator, lectures worldwide
and offers individual consultations. See full author information (French)

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