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The Pain of Desertion

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La blessure d'abandon Exprimer ses émotions pour guérir

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Spain, Germany

Many people are afraid that they will ultimately find themselves alone, deserted by their life companions, even when they are in stable relationships. Should that happen, victims invariably show symptoms such as malaise, anxiety, panic attacks, various physical ailments, alcoholism, etc. In many cases, the pain of desertion is compounded by past experiences, i.e., abandonment as a child or even in infancy. Recovering from such deep-seated wounds takes time, because the victims must first confront emotions so powerful that they may have thought themselves unworthy of being loved. Daniel Dufour's “Reverse of Ego” method, or “OGE,” is designed to help suffering individuals deal with and break free of blocked emotions, restore their physical and mental health, and reacquaint themselves with their inner beings. See complete product information (French)
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August 2013
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Psychology & Self-Help
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152 pages


Dr. Daniel Dufour

Dr. Daniel Dufour

A surgeon, and later a coordinator for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Dr. Daniel Dufour carried out more than two thousand operations on people wounded in war. The founder of the OGE method – “the reverse of the ego” –, he now practises a holistic form of medicine in which the causes of the disease are treated as well as the symptoms
and has offered support to PTSD victims since 1987. See full author information (French)

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