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Du mensonge à l'authenticité
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From Lying to Authenticity

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Du mensonge à l'authenticité

How do we get back on track, once lying becomes a refuge?

At every stage of life, we're at risk of resorting to lies. While some are harmless, like the fantasies of a child's imagination, others, more serious, poison family, marital and professional life. We may lie to escape from intolerable truths, flee from crises or satisfy a need for domination. But while lying may be helpful in the short term, it often turns into slavery. Clouding our contact with emotional reality, it causes frustration, bitterness and anger. Hence the suffering we feel when we live a life of lies. And yet, as the author reminds us, behind every lie there's a distress call, a truth that must be heard. Fortunately, it's possible to heal this fundamental wound, but to do so we have to step bravely onto the pathway of truth. This is the only solution: committing to a lengthy period of introspection so as to free ourselves from this servitude and regain full power over our lives. This pathway leads right to our very heart, where each of us awakens to our own light, our own authenticity. This serious book does not suggest magical solutions, but blazes a path for us to the unscathed part of ourselves that exists in absolute truth. Without fear, without guilt or suffering, it's a matter of following the path that does not lie. A demanding but life-saving journey.


The book's strong points

— The concepts are explained in a clear and convincing way

— Many examples illustrate the author's ideas

— A profound book that encourages reflection and introspection See complete product information (French)
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24.95 $ CAD
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January 2014
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
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176 pages


Marie Lise Labonté

Marie Lise Labonté

Marie Lise Labonté has a master's degree in Orthophony and Audiology from the University of Montréal. Her self-healing experience, from an incurable disease, led her to switch to psychotherapy. She subsequently developed the Method for releasing body tension (“Méthode de libération des cuirasses”, MLC), a mind-body therapy for releasing tension by means of movement and visualization. Since then, she has trained therapists and led seminars and lectures around the world. See full author information (French)

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