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Voyage aux pays de l'amour
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Journey to the Lands of Love

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Voyage aux pays de l'amour

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Greece, Lithuania

Jacques Salomé invites us to penetrate a few of the mysteries of love...

In each of us there is a deep and sometimes irresistible urge to love and be loved. Many also feel the desire and determination to move beyond a romantic encounter and create a stable relationship as a couple. In this book, Jacques Salomé asks us to think about the discoveries and pathways explored by couples that can turn a loving relationship upside down. Lucidly and with great compassion, he examines the various questions partners ask themselves as years go by. How can the early emotional magic be maintained? How do we make love last? How do we avoid the pitfalls of repetition, wear and tear and the monotony of daily life? How do we handle both the giddy heights and the absence of desire, or infidelity in later life?  How can we avoid being tricked by the illusion that a change of partner may be a solution? What can we do when we are carried away by passion and it consumes our life? What happens when we are faced with separation, the loss of someone dear to us? In this collection of inspiring texts, Jacques Salomé takes us on a fascinating and fertile journey to the known and lesser known lands of love.

From self-love to loving another
Daring to say you are in love
Daring to love
On romantic meetings
Intimate gestures
Doubts when in love
Life's sorrows
From a romantic meeting to a relationship
The dark side of love
Possible fidelities and infidelities
Fear of losing the person you love
What's said and what's left unsaid
Romantic break-ups and other difficulties
Love's wounds
Leaving the person you've loved, being left...
Reinventing your relationship
Possible separations
And knowing how to enjoy happy moments in spite of it all
Let's keep on dreaming of love

Strong points:
-Couples' relationships are examined fromtheir manyperspectives, from the early excitement to the challenges of longevity or separation.
- Suggested answers to the frequent questions that arise in a relationship.
- Fluid and moving prose, in Jacques Salomé's customary poetic style. See complete product information (French)
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19.95 $ CAD
Publication date : 
January 2013
Category : 
Psychology & Self-Help
Pages : 
224 pages


Jacques Salomé

Jacques Salomé

Jacques Salomé has a degree in social psychiatry. He is a psycho-sociologist, human-relations coach and writer. Since 1962, he's worked on developing and refining effective communications and nonviolent relationships between children and adults. He is the author of 63 books—translated and distributed in 24 countries—intended for those interested in changing and improving their personal, social and professional relationships. Jacques Salomé also gives lectures and is a frequent guest on radio and television. See full author information (French)

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