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Les desserts de Patrice
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Patrice's Desserts

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Les desserts de Patrice

An elegant and simple book that unveils the secrets of a real pastry chef.

Far from being intimidating, this reference book is a true course in pastry-making for curious novices! It contains approximately twenty preparations and basic recipes that are among those most common in pastry-making. Each recipecomes with general instructions on how to prepare it, advice on baking, recommendations as to utensils or molds to useand information on the range of ingredients (flours, sugars, gelling agents, etc.) that can be included depending on the desired result. This book is also full of useful tips for breaking down into their various components pastry recipes that seem to you to be the most complicated;the simplicity of each component will often surprise you.

Does this delicate strawberry-rhubarbgalette with strawberry sorbet lookfar too complicated? Not anymore! You'll master the art of quickly preparing shortcrustpastry and learn all the secrets for never-fail sorbet! Every step in making each of the 20 basic recipes is clearly illustrated with coloured photos and each recipe can be used in three different desserts. For example, the caramel you make today appearsin a ginger-flavoured crème caramel; tomorrow, with figs in red wine and pine nuts, it makes the world's best mascarpone and nougatine cheesecake; and some other time it will coatamoist date cake that will make your mouth water! Come to the table, you food lovers with a sweet tooth, and eat your fill?making pastries has never been easier...

The book's strong points
• The book, containing all the most common basic recipes in pastry-making, takes the mystery out of this realm of cooking so that anyone can do it.
• All the different techniques presented are illustrated with many colour photographs.
• The book offers 60 amazing yet easy-to-make desserts, created by combining basic recipes.
• Each dessert recipe is accompanied by a full-page photo.

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39.95 $ CAD
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October 2012
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Food & Wine
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216 pages


Patrice Demers

Patrice Demers

The star of his own TV cooking show, Patrice Demers has become Quebec's pet pastry chef, to the great delight of all dessert-lovers! Following on from the success of La carte des desserts, which won the gold medal at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for the Best Cookbook for Professionals, Patrice is back with a third book that is more appetizing and easier to use than ever! See full author information (French)

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